Home Cooling: What You Need To Know

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Things are heating up and just like every June, the rising temperatures can result in rising frustrations. Too many times we find ourselves fiddling with the thermostat, dimming room lighting, and senselessly beating our fists at malfunctioning air vents.

broken AC

Don’t despair—moving to Alaska is not yet the only way out. The truth about home cooling is that there are steps you can take to ensure you are staying cool while remaining energy efficient.

Understand your surroundings

It’s important when cooling your home that you understand how your surroundings work and even how your body works. Sunlight streaming in through the windows can be a beautiful way to wake up in the morning, but as the day goes on it can be your worst enemy. Sunlight radiation is a source of heat for homes, so pulling blinds can be a temporary fix to a warm afternoon.

Painting a light color scheme on the walls of a room that gets the most sunlight is a great way to prevent conduction of heat. As we all know from previous poor outfit decisions, dark colors take in heat much easier than a light color, therefore raising the temperature of a dark room.

On the other hand, sometimes all it takes to cool things down is to focus on your body. Ceiling fans are great, affordable ways to cool you down. However, if you leave your home, that ceiling fan will do nothing to lower the temperature of your room. They are strictly for body cooling, much like the Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014.

Don’t believe the hype

There are many myths surrounding air conditioning, like if a larger A/C unit creates a cooler home and which level of cooling saves the optimal amount of energy. Some people believe that a larger unit will make your home colder; however the opposite is more likely true. The bigger the unit, the more likely other problems will occur, such as poor sealing, insufficient maintenance, and the potential of direct sunlight.

It seems like a no-brainer that turning your thermostat very low will cool the home down the quickest. The truth is that central A/C units operate at the same speed until they shut off. The thermostat setting is only a temperature goal, and it’s your job to ensure that your home can reach it.

Be proactive!

Air conditioners can be temperamental (pun intended). Much to the dismay of others, AC units have been known to break down and cause problems during the heat peaks of the summer. To avoid this impending disaster, it is advised to schedule home A/C tune-ups with your HVAC services to address any problems and extend the overall life of your unit.

Additional tricks to staying cool in the heat without touching the A/C include cleaning your air filters regularly, checking to make sure your doors are sealed, avoiding the use of ovens and stoves that create heat, and looking for areas around your home to plant trees for shade.

Take the worry out of staying comfortable during the summer and be proactive in your endeavors of home cooling. Using these nuggets of truth can not only give you a sweat-less sleep, but can also save money on your energy bill. Between this extra money and the money saved by putting off the Alaskan get-a-way, it looks like you could finally save up for that backyard hammock! Isn’t it nice to live worry-free with A/C?

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