What is carbon neutral natural gas

What is Carbon Neutral Natural Gas?

Carbon-neutral natural gas is an easy way to take a personal step towards a cleaner environment. Let’s explore what carbon-neutral natural gas is!

What does “carbon neutral” mean?

Carbon neutral simply means that the emissions produced by fueling your home with natural gas are balanced by verified carbon offset projects.

How do carbon offsets work?

When you choose to purchase carbon neutral natural gas, you fund projects that actively remove or prevent an equal amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases from being released into the air.

Why should you choose carbon neutral natural gas?

In today’s world, you hear a lot about ways you can reduce your households carbon footprint. There are so many ways to make an impact, like installing solar panels, purchasing a new high-efficiency furnace, or even downsizing your home/way of living. For many households, these options can be unattainable or not very cost-effective.


Choosing carbon neutral natural gas is a simple, low-cost way that anyone can make an immediate difference!

How much do you know about carbon emissions?

How much impact can I really make?

The average household produces about 10,500 pounds of carbon dioxide emission a year using natural gas. This is the close equivalent of any one of these actions:

  • Charging your smartphone 607,000 times fewer
  • Driving your vehicle 11,800 miles fewer
  • Throwing away 200 bags of trash
  • Allowing 79 trees to grow for 10 years


Choosing a carbon neutral natural gas plan from Shipley Energy allows you to offset these emissions!

Want to test your knowledge on carbon emissions?

Take the Shipley Energy carbon emissions knowledge quiz to test how much you know about carbon emissions and how we can reduce our carbon emissions. Let us know how you did by sharing with us on Facebook!

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