5 Unique Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

People often welcome warmth after frigid winters. But what about when the higher temperatures become unbearable and deplete your motivation for anything but sitting around with the AC on the coldest setting?

Check out these unique tips to beat the summer heat. You can try some of them right away for fast relief!

1. Choose Foods With a High Fluid Content to Complement Your Water Intake

You probably know to drink water if you’re thirsty. Get in the habit of doing it regularly, even before you need a thirst-quencher. Drinking more water than usual can get boring, however. If that happens, even the thought of chugging down H20 becomes unappetizing.

Fear not — you can get some of your daily water requirements from water-rich foods, which include:

  • Celery
  • Tomatoes
  • Melons

In addition to snacking on these things to cope with the summer heat, consider adding a lime or lemon wedge to your water. That addition could make the beverage taste more appealing.

2. Invest in a More Efficient Air Conditioner

Air conditioning can do an excellent job of keeping your home at the preferred temperature. If you have an outdated or poorly maintained system, however, your energy costs may become too high. High-efficiency home air conditioners, along with other purposeful actions, could cut home cooling energy use by 20-50%, according to statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

If your system is relatively new — and you recall when it worked more effectively — now is a great time to consider scheduling a maintenance appointment.

3. Avoid Ice Cream

Ice cream is a popular treat, and many people assume it helps them cope with the summer heat. Unfortunately, its cooling effect on the body is short-lived. You’ll appreciate it when the dessert enters your mouth, but ice cream actually raises your temperature. That’s because it’s a calorie-rich food that makes your body generate heat while breaking down the nutrients.

A better way to satisfy your sweet tooth in the summer is to prepare a slice of watermelon. It’s one of the water-rich foods we mentioned earlier, and the fruit is easy to find during the summer. Frozen grapes are another tasty alternative. Grapes have a high fluid content, too, plus the icy texture makes you feel cooler.

4. Soak Your Feet

When you want an instant cooldown, filling a bucket with water for a foot soak is perfect. Choose a container large enough for your feet, fill it, then stick them into the liquid for summer heat relief.

If you soak them outside, dress for the temperature. Don light-colored, loose-fitting clothes, plus a hat to shield your eyes from the sun.

5. Choose Polyester Over Cotton

While you’ve probably heard that cotton is breathable and good for hot days, it holds much more moisture than polyester clothing. Polyester wicks away sweat, bringing it to the outside surface of your clothing where it can evaporate easily.

You’ve probably experienced this at the gym – even if the air conditioning is running, a cotton shirt holds the heat more than sportswear! This summer beat the heat by grabbing a few extra gym shirts.

Get in Touch for a More Enjoyable Summer

These unique tips to keep cool during summer are well worth trying today. As you explore how to stay comfortable this year, consider switching to Shipley Energy to keep heating and cooling costs affordable all year. Shipley Energy Home Services can also send an HVAC technician to your home to assess your air conditioning. Contact us today by phone or use our handy online form to learn more.

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