3 Things to do to Prepare Your Propane Furnace for Fall


School is back in session, the leaves have turned, and Momma’s homemade apple pie is baking in the oven. If it’s getting chilly enough that your freshly brewed morning cup of Joe just isn’t enough to stay warm – it may be time to switch your Propane furnace to heat! Here are some things to check off of your to-do list before firing up your propane furnace – 


  •  Clean & Replace Filters – 
      1. When filters aren’t replaced or cleaned regularly, they become clogged with debris that restricts airflow, affecting your comfort and your system’s efficiency (a clogged filter can increase your energy consumption by 5-10% 😲). Dirty filters can cause extra wear and tear on furnace components and in more extreme cases cause the system to shut down completely. Avoid any headaches down the road by replacing your filter now! 
  • It’s Time for a Test Ride – 
      1. It’s important to test your furnace before the cold hits. When you turn your heating unit on, listen for abnormal sounds, such as banging or rattling, which may require some attention from your HVAC provider. While you’re at it – remove any clutter surrounding your heating unit to avoid a potential fire hazard.
      2. Bonus Tip: Your furnace’s vents accumulate dirt and debris that can clog the openings and cause heating issues. Simple fix – remove and clean the vents with a wet cloth. Be on the lookout for items blocking the vents and remove them if possible.
  •  Tune it Up –
    1. We highly recommended having a regularly scheduled furnace tune-up performed by a NATE-certified Shipley Energy HVAC professional. During the tune-up service, our heating technicians look at a variety of factors including gas pressure, combustion efficiency, piping, and fuel lines, among many others.

These helpful tips have been compiled by your friendly neighborhood heating experts at Shipley Energy. We offer two ways to order Propane – online or by phone! Whether you need new equipment, simply need a tune-up or anything in between, the Shipley Energy Home Services team will help you make the right decision for your home and your budget.