Converting to Propane: What about that tank?

When you make the switch from heating your home with oil to propane, you may be thinking, “What about the propane tank? Where is that going to go? Should I own my own tank?” The one definite answer to these questions is this – your new propane tank won’t go in your basement! Tank ownership is up to the consumer – but there are many benefits to letting your propane company own the tank. Read on to learn more!

The Challenge of Heating Oil

That big oil tank has been sitting in your basement for years. It takes up lots of space, has the potential to leak into your basement, is unsightly, and completely your responsibility if something goes wrong. This is the challenge of heating your home with heating oil.

Switching to propane can relieve a lot of these burdens – your tank moves outside (you can finally finish your basement), propane won’t leak into your basement, and if you don’t want to see the tank, you can bury it! Best of all, you can let someone else have the liability of tank ownership. Isn’t it time you choose a better fuel source like propane…

Propane Tank Facts

Solution – Leasing Your Propane Tank

You’ve probably heard that you can buy your own propane tank, get it installed, and can purchase your propane from any supplier. It’s true – but it comes at a downside. Having your supplier install a tank for you and leasing at a low monthly rate has many benefits.

Foremost is the cost and scarcity of large propane tanks. Over the last several years, propane tanks have doubled in cost not once, but twice. Supply chain issues and the cost of raw materials, like the steel that propane tanks are made from, have pushed the market up. Sometimes it is a challenge to even buy a tank. Working with a supplier means they will source the tank, and oftentimes have a tank in stock and ready to install at your home with short notice.

Working with your supplier for your propane tank ensures that certified professionals will install your tank. They must adhere to all local, state, and federal regulations, and procure correct permitting. Your supplier will also be able to survey your property to help you choose the best, safest location, including the option of an underground tank.

Finally, leasing your tank shifts the responsibility of tank maintenance, which can be costly, to your propane supplier. They legally must maintain their tank, provide regular cathodic testing and leak checks, and keep your family safe. Isn’t it time you make the switch to propane?

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Benefits of Working with Shipley Energy

With so many benefits, why wait? Call Shipley Energy today to get a quote on your converting your home to propane and you’ll receive:

No-Cost, No-Commitment Consultation and Quote

  • A technical consultant will come to your home to determine which propane system and tank set would be right for your home at no cost or commitment to you.

Interest-free Financing for 60 Months

  • With systems starting at the low rate of $299/month with interest-FREE financing, it fits your lifestyle!

Free Propane Tank Set with Conversion

  • Our team of professionals surveys your property to find the best location for a propane tank and will perform the installation free of charge!

Price Protected Propane for 3 Years

  • As part of converting your home to propane, Shipley Energy will guarantee you a low, fixed price per gallon of propane for the next 3 years.

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