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Part 3: Maximizing Your Benefit

In this final part of our Shopping for Natural Gas series, we are going to talk about maximizing your benefit as the consumer when you shop and buy your natural gas from a supplier.  Here’s a step-by-step checklist of how we recommend you conduct your shopping process to maximize your benefit.

Check List

  • Step 1: Start by knowing your utility’s price to compare. This will let you know immediately if the supplier’s price is better or not. [Our Recommendation – Choose a lower price.]
  • Step 2: Determine the price structure you want – fixed or variable. There are benefits to each at different times of year. [Our Recommendation – go with a fixed rate. Unless you can get a variable rate that is ALWAYS lower than the price to compare.]
  • Step 3: Determine the term length you feel comfortable with. [Our Recommendation – Choose a 12 months as it allows for predictability, but flexibility.]
  • Step 4: Evaluate offers for monthly, cancelation, and enrollment fees and weigh cost / benefit. [Our Recommendation – Choose an offer that has no fees at all.]
  • Step 5: Choose features and benefits that appeal to you. [Our Recommendation – Choose an offer that provides you benefits up front for signing up.]
  • Step 6: Sign up! [Our Recommendation – Take detailed notes of your new natural gas price, when your plan starts, and when it will end. Create a reminder for you to change your rate when your term runs out.]

Having a checklist like this one it helps you think logically through the process. It’s easy to see the benefits a supplier is claiming to offer you and forget that you need a great price and should avoid fees. The best part of having a checklist is that each time you shop for natural you can repeat this process to help manage your natural bills!

We at Shipley Energy thank you for reading our guide on how to shop for natural gas!

We provide our customers with great fixed rate plans at reasonable term lengths. We believe the best benefits are the ones that immediately reward our customers – that’s why we provide them with 3% Rewards on the energy they use every month.  Please consider us when buying your electricity, natural gas, heating oil, and propane. Start earning Rewards on your energy today!

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This is part three of our three part series on How to Shop for Natural Gas for Your Home. If you would like to read previous articles you can do so here:

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