Why You Should Switch To Natural Gas

It’s hard to think about home heating during this period of humidity, but it is never too early to think about the conversion of energy sources! When it comes to heating our homes this winter, we have a resource that is standing above the rest. Natural gas is emerging as a better option than heating oil and propane, yet it is still not being fully taken advantage of.

The environment-friendly aspects of heating a home with natural gas are very enticing to homeowners, but the cost drives some potential buyers away. But do the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term costs?

The Benefits

man and woman installing gas fuel line

Natural gas is economical, convenient, and cleaner than other home heating options.The fossil fuel that burns when natural gas is used doesn’t leave behind soot, ash, or odor, making it a cleaner option for the ecosystem. Altogether, natural gas produces 65% less carbon emissions than coal and is overall 25% cleaner than heating oil. The trees will thank you for your environmental contribution!

Natural gas is also incredibly convenient for homeowners. It is delivered through a pipeline system straight to your home, so it is usually unaffected by weather and other conditions, and it eliminates the need for storage tanks. And of course, since there is no need for storage tanks, there is less of a chance of an unsafe oil spill!

The price of natural gas is typically lower than oil or propane. Not to mention the added bonus of paying after use, so you are actually paying for what you use with no extra cost added in. No one likes paying for food that they don’t eat. So why pay for energy that you don’t use?

The Costs

Actually going through the process to convert products can be about as scary as going surfing after watching Shark Week. If your home doesn’t have the proper equipment, then installing new boilers, piping, and adding labor costs could push the project upwards of $2,500.

However, since natural gas is so easy to maintain, the costs that would typically occur for maintenance and permits are not a factor, saving you more on a monthly basis. It is estimated that you can save up to $2,000 annually by switching to natural gas! This low-hassle service product seems almost too good to be true.

Add it Up!

So while the initial cost may be high, the long-term benefits and low annual costs greatly outweigh the bad. It’s time to stop thinking about switching and act! Begin your journey into an easy heating option, and feel better about your environmental footprint as well.

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