How the driver shortage is affecting businesses dependent on fuel.

As the country heads back to normal trends, drivers and trucks are at the highest demand ever recorded. This driver shortage is affecting everything from food, goods, and even jet fuel! The congressional delegation held in Nevada this past week spoke of, “potential jet fuel shortages” that could delay cargo delivery and passenger travel. Even the airline companies who have been back in business after lessened travel restrictions are feeling the effects of the workforce strained & laid off the year prior. 


It is also no secret that the U.S. saw an unprecedented rise in the price of gasoline this year, and this fluctuation is part of a domino effect that started with the pandemic of 2020. Along with the rising price of fuels, some businesses such as airline companies could be experiencing shortages. However, there’s plenty of fuel to go around.  The shortage of fuel is attributed to the direct shortage of fuel delivery drivers.


The shortage of drivers has been growing, as experienced drivers are nearing retirement, and high school graduates are encouraged to pursue a 4 year degree, rather than a trade or driving position. The COVID19 pandemic didn’t help things, as initially there were layoffs from reduced demand across the nation, followed by the largest surge in delivered goods (think grocery delivery, DoorDash, etc.) which all required drivers.   



What you can do to ensure your business is protected

Not all fuel delivery services are created equal. Fuel Delivery services provided by companies such as Shipley Energy are ensuring timely deliveries before fuel shortages occur through the use of new monitoring technology.

Shipley Energy’s Josh Rode (G.M. Wholesale Fuels) said, “ Shipley’s fuel monitoring system, paired with the market watch, helps businesses avoid costly runouts and keep control of their fuel costs. Companies are signing up for Shipley Energy’s Managed Inventory so they know they’ll have fuel and won’t be impacted by driver shortage.”


If your business is dependent on fuel for operation and has been using on-demand (a.k.a. will call) services, it would be beneficial to ask your current fuel delivery provider about automated services. 


Other things to consider when looking for reliable fuel transport:

  • Managed inventory
  • Variety of fuels available
  • Number of trucks on the road
  • Number of terminals used
  • Automated pricing updates
  • 24hr fuel delivery


If you are a fuel-dependent business and unsure where to start, call Shipley Energy at (855) 818-1529. Currently serving 7 states and utilizing over 20+ terminals, you will never be left without fuel. Or fill out the form above and be sure to ask about Shipley Energy’s fuel monitoring systems and market price watch, to ensure the best service.  

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