5 DIY Home Projects That Save You Money

If you’re looking for ways to save money, doing some work around the house by yourself can be a great start. You’ll be surprised by how much you can save when you start doing some everyday tasks on your own instead of paying for products and services.

To get started, explore our tips for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that will help you save on service expenses, decrease bills, and conserve your home’s energy usage.

1. Give Your House a Fresh Paint Job

Freshen up your home with a new look for the cost of a bucket of paint and a roller. With just a few hours of work, you can give a room in your house an updated color scheme or boost curb appeal with a repainted front porch for much less money than it would cost to hire a painter.

2. Hang a Clothesline Outside

With every load of laundry you run, your dryer uses a surprising amount of electricity that ends up on your energy bills every month. Cut down on your laundry expenses and home energy use by hanging a clothesline outside and letting the sun dry your clothes when you have nice weather. Set up two posts and string a line between them, use porch posts, or even try tree branches for a quick DIY laundry line.

3. Grow a Vegetable Garden

Save money on food costs and bring in fresh produce from your own vegetable garden. All you need is a flat plot of ground in your yard and some seeds or young vegetable plants to start growing. Plant your vegetables, water your garden regularly, and enjoy the fresh produce.

4. Wash Your Car in Your Driveway

Instead of paying for a carwash, clean your car in your driveway. Grab a hose, a bucket with warm water and soap, and a sponge and start scrubbing. A simple wash will make your car sparkle and look like new. You can make the whole experience even more luxurious by cleaning the inside of your car too. Take out accumulated trash, vacuum the floor and upholstery, and wipe down the gears and steering wheel to get your vehicle looking great, inside and out.

5. Plant a Tree in Your Yard

A deciduous tree in your yard has several benefits — it enhances the attractiveness of your property and shades your house. When you plant your tree on the southern, eastern, or western side of your home, it can provide you with enough shade to reduce your cooling expenses by 14% once it’s grown. To save even more, see if your municipality has a tree-planting initiative — if they do, they might be willing to provide an ornamental tree to plant in front of your house for free.

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