Nuclear Subsidy Proposal

Have you heard about the nuclear subsidy proposal circulating within the Pennsylvania General Assembly? It proposes that by 2021, utilities would be required to source as much as 50% of their power from nuclear energy. This initiative is under Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act. Currently, 42% of power comes from nuclear energy.

Power Lines and pretty skyline

Critics of the proposal claim that it will make Pennsylvania less competitive. If consumers are forced to increase nuclear power, it will mean they are limited to the amounts of other forms of energy they can source. It will also result in higher prices for consumers.

Supporters of the proposal would like to see more nuclear power energy used across Pennsylvania because it does not produce any carbon. They believe that a slight increase in cost is worth it in order to help preserve the environment for future generations.

Here at Shipley Energy, we strive to be as transparent as possible with our customers. No matter what happens in Harrisburg, we promise to continue providing the same great service we have always provided. As this story continues to develop, we will keep you informed.

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