High Efficiency Light Bulbs: Make The Switch

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There’s nothing that ruins a selfie more than bad lighting. Unfortunately, if you have the wrong type of lightbulbs in your home, not even the best lipstick can help. However, we can show you the light at the end of the tunnel:  High-Efficiency Bulbs.

What is a High Efficiency Lightbulb?

A compact fluorescent light (CFL) is a type of energy-saving bulb that uses argon and a small amount of mercury vapor to produce visible light instead of the heating up of a filament. A light-emitting diode (LED) is a two-lead semiconductor light source that uses voltage to activate electrons. These then release energy in the form of photons. This method not only results in a more efficient bulb, but also tends to last longer.

These types of bulbs are so attractive to homeowners because of that efficiency. LEDs last 25 times longer and save users 25 percent on electrical costs, and CFLs use 75 percent less energy than traditional bulbs. If every U.S. household used just one of these lightbulbs in place of a traditional model, it would not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also save enough energy to light 3 million additional homes!

Let’s Do a Makeover!

There are certain areas where LED and CFL lightbulbs can be implemented to make your living space more energy efficient:

  • Kitchen – LED’s are so small and directional that they not only are perfect for cooking, but also create the perfect soft ambiance that won’t assault your eyeballs at the crack of dawn.
  • Holiday lights – It may seem like it’s a long way off, but it’s never too early to stock up on energy-efficient holiday bulbs. With their power-saving abilities, you can stick the extra wad of cash from your electric bill into your spouse’s Christmas gift fund!
  • Downlights – Recessed downlights are typically installed in hallways or bathrooms and use CFL and LED technology. The decreased wattage and energy expended lend you a little extra time to extend that morning shower!
  • Industry – The high efficiency of these bulbs makes them ideal for commercial and industrial use. Your warehouse has never looked so cool.

Make the Switch

Using natural sunlight to light your home will only get you so far. On some cloudy days you may actually have to flip the switch and use overhead lights! As much as we like to deny it, winter is coming and the sun will not shine as bright or as long into your home. The lack of sun can only be made better by the fact that you are saving big with high-efficiency lighting! So switch to CFL or LED lights this summer and be prepared for the grueling cool, dark months.

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