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Why Restaurants Should Install UV Light Filters for Air Purification

The Importance of UV Light Filters for Air Purification in Restaurants

Cleanliness is one of a business’s most vital attributes. Proper sanitization and disinfection are key to helping customers feel safe and confident within your establishment. This care is even more essential when dealing with the restaurant industry.

Restaurants demand an increased level of care when it comes to protecting their diners. That’s why you should do all you can to ensure your customers stay healthy as well as satisfied. With so many options and pieces of equipment on the market for enhanced sanitization, there’s one that’s rising to the top. Discover how UV disinfection for restaurants is the future of cleanliness for food service.

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What Is an Ultraviolet Air Purifier?

Restaurants are using ultraviolet (UV) air purifiers to meet regulations and keep their customers safer. These devices use the power of UV light to destroy germs, viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants in the air and on surfaces.

UV air purifiers can connect to your existing HVAC system via non-invasive installation. This addition can improve the quality of your restaurant’s indoor air. You can also use a UV lamp to keep surfaces clean in various rooms throughout your restaurant. It all comes down to investing in your customers’ safety by sanitizing the surfaces they touch, the air they breathe, the food they eat, and the kitchen it comes from.

How Does a Commercial UV Air Purifier Work?

A UV air purifier works by scrambling the genetic material of harmful, microscopic organisms like viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, and other pathogens and allergens. They’re then unable to reproduce and continue living. UV air purifiers use the power of ultraviolet light to get the job done.

UV light disinfection systems are safe and effective ways to kill germs. One of the best places to use them is in your HVAC system. Install the UV air purifier so it casts its rays in the inside of your ducts, improving your indoor air quality. The ultraviolet rays will kill any germs or pathogens present in your restaurant’s air as it passes through. As your HVAC system continues to cycle air, it will only get cleaner and safer for your patrons and employees to breathe.

You can also use UV light to disinfect various restaurant surfaces and rooms. These include walk-in refrigerators, freezers, and food contact surfaces. It’s important to keep these areas clean since your cooks and chefs will prepare people’s meals there. You can even use UV light in restrooms for additional germ-killing power. Cleaner air and cleaner surfaces will bring you one step closer to your goal of running a clean, safe restaurant for your customers and your employees.

Why Restaurants Should Install UV Light Filters for Air Purification

The government has many regulations in place to keep diners safe and hold restaurants accountable. These mandates help people have confidence going out to eat, but they take careful consideration to keep up with, especially during the busy hours of the day. In the rush, it’s possible to forget parts of your cleaning routine. A UV air purifier can help you meet regulations for your restaurant.

UV light filters can help add a protective layer against the harmful microorganisms and pathogens in carry-out and dine-in restaurants. As you seek to keep your restaurant clean with frequent surface wipe-downs and building-wide sterilization methods, UV light can fill in the gaps. Cleaning every surface to perfection would be challenging on your own. UV lighting can help keep areas clean even where standard cleaning methods fall short, like in hard-to-reach places.

UV germicidal lamps and air purifiers can help keep the following products safe in the restaurant industry:

  • Meats, such as red meat and raw poultry
  • Dairy products
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Beverages

Why Restaurants Should Install UV Light Filters for Air Purification

Cleanliness across industries is important, and you need to do all you can to keep up with modern standards. UV lights and air purifiers can help you do that. They also provide plenty of other benefits for your business.

Benefits of UV Air Purifiers for Restaurants

Your restaurant can enjoy the benefits of UV air purifiers after installing some in your establishment, like the following:

Benefits of UV Air Purifiers for Restaurants

1. Protect Your Reputation

In the restaurant business, word of mouth is everything. People hear about a great place to eat, and they want to try it for themselves. A restaurant with a positive reputation in the community will go far and become a local staple, even attracting people from far and wide to give some dishes a taste.

One dirty plate or another incident could be enough to tarnish a restaurant’s reputation. Defend your reputation with a UV air purifier to give yourself another layer of defense against pathogens that could decrease your reputation. Keep your customers coming back for more with a UV air purifier and the clean environment it helps create.

2. Sanitize Food Contact Areas

Your food contact surfaces are an essential part of your restaurant workflow. They provide places for your chefs and cooks to chop, roll, tenderize, organize, and prep food in other ways. You need to make sure these food contact surfaces are as clean as possible to maintain cleanliness.

A microorganism lingering on these surfaces could find its way onto someone’s meal. And inspectors will check food contact areas for cleanliness, so you need to make sure you’re following regulatory guidelines. Use a UV light to sanitize your food contact areas to keep everyone safe and avoid health violations.

3. Disinfect Restrooms

Restrooms are another area you need to maintain to a high standard. Clean restrooms can keep your customers and employees clean as they come into contact with fewer germs and bacteria when they use the facilities.

Having a sparkling clean, safe restroom will show your customers you care about cleanliness. They’ll feel comfortable going to your restaurant since they know you hold yourself to a high standard. Take an extra step toward sanitization in your restroom with UV light disinfection, and maintain both a pristine bathroom and reputation.

4. Prevent Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew present a health risk to your employees and patrons. Even a small amount of these harmful organisms can be enough to trigger an allergic reaction or asthma attack. That’s why you should take extra precautions to make sure they have no presence anywhere in your restaurant building.

The power of ultraviolet radiation can disrupt the formation of mold and mildew, destroying them before they have a chance to reproduce and spread. Install UV lighting in your walk-in fridges and freezers or anywhere else at a higher risk. A UV air purifier will destroy spores and airborne pathogens that can lead to mold, ensuring everyone in your kitchen, bathroom, and dining room is breathing cleaner, safer air.

5. Reduce Your Use of Chemicals

You’ll need to use some chemicals to sanitize your restaurant’s floors and surfaces. These chemicals are helpful, but it’s worrisome using such harsh substances around the same areas where you prepare food. Your customers want to smell clean air when they’re in your dining room, not bleach or other cleaning solutions.

You can reduce your use of chemicals with the help of UV air purifiers. UV light can kill germs, bacteria, and viruses without giving off an unpleasant scent or leaving behind an unsafe residue. You’ll know your restaurant is clean and safe with fewer chemicals in your daily cleaning routine.

6. Prevent Grease Buildup in Kitchen Hood Exhaust Systems

You know about the power of UV light in killing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. But a secondary function of UV light is its ability to break down grease particles and odors in commercial kitchen hood exhaust systems. This benefit will help keep your kitchen cleaner and fresher.

Grease building up in kitchen hoods poses a fire risk. Breaking down these particles can help keep everyone safer and confident as they work your kitchen fryers and griddles. And since you’ll have a cleaner kitchen hood, your restaurant could produce less of that grease smell that could greet people as they approach or enter your building.

How UV Light Can Help With Food Safety

Here are five ways a UV light for restaurants can help you achieve greater food safety practices:

1. Sanitize Food Prep Workstations

Some kitchens use food prep lines to assemble people’s meals. In this arrangement, a single person focuses on one aspect of a dish and passes it off to the next person in line so they can make the next addition. They pass the plate down the line until the dish is complete and ready for waitstaff to bring it to the customer.

Using a UV light for food safety over food prep workstations ensures the whole process stays cleaner. Whether you have a single chef, two cooks, or 10, you need to make sure your customer’s dish stays clean and safe. Combining the power of UV light with standard food safety precautions will only help you on your mission of having a cleaner, safer restaurant.

Sanitize Food Prep Workstations

2. Keep Delis Sterilized

Some restaurants have deli sections to slice and sell meats and cheeses to-go. These can be busy areas, bustling with activity as people order their cold cuts and side dishes. In these locations, people may have to stand near one another, and employees may come in contact with customers during the exchange of products and money. You’ll need the sanitization offered by UV lighting for an extra layer of protection for everyone involved.

UV lighting can also help your products resist foodborne pathogens that could cause illness. Exposing your products to the power of UV light will reduce the chance of any harmful organisms developing or spreading on your food products as they await sale. Your customers will feel good knowing they’re receiving safe, germ-free food thanks to the power of UV light in combination with other safety practices.

3. Keep Food Buffets Sanitized

Restaurants with buffets must take extra care to maintain cleanliness for their customers’ health. People have high standards for buffets, and having a clean food serving area can help maintain your positive reputation. Using the abilities of UV light restaurant sterilization at your buffet can help you stand out in the following ways:

  • Show you care about having a clean buffet: A UV air purifier or visible UV lights near your buffet can make people more comfortable. People can get their food with confidence, knowing you’ve taken extra steps toward cleanliness.
  • Fight against harmful bacteria and pathogens: Foodborne illnesses can impact your restaurant’s reputation. Keep your customers safe from health issues by using UV light to combat harmful bacteria and pathogens.
  • Protect customers from the spread of germs: Many people will pass through your buffet line throughout the day. This volume of visitors makes a buffet a prime location for the spread of germs through contact. Keep your surfaces and utensils sanitized with UV lighting.

4. Have a Cleaner Point of Contact During Food Delivery

Many people rely on food delivery services. This offering allows them to stay in the comfort and safety of their home while still enjoying food from their favorite restaurants. While there are many advantages to delivery, you can take additional steps to make it a safer experience for customers.

Use UV light for food safety to keep your products germ-free until the point of delivery. Let your customers know about the ways you’re using technology to invest in their health and wellbeing. These steps will help them feel even safer about their decision to eat from home when they order delivery from your restaurant.

5. Protect Walk-In Freezers and Refrigerators

Walk-in freezers and refrigerators can develop moisture, making them a prime spot for the development of mold and mildew. These can cause health risks to your employees, but they also make food products less safe for your customers.

Using UV air purifiers for restaurants and UV lighting in your walk-in fridges and freezers will help eliminate the presence of mold and mildew. These sanitizing methods can help minimize how much time your employees have to spend in those cold areas cleaning, which they’re sure to appreciate.

Contact Shipley Energy for UV Light Air Purifiers and Installation Services

At Shipley Energy, we care about the cleanliness of your restaurant. Our dedicated team understands that a clean, germ-free space is key to running a successful business. We’re ready to use our decades of experience in the energy sector to help you find an efficient way to keep your restaurant cleaner and your customers safer. We have the commercial energy solutions you need to take the next step toward success.

Call us at 1-800-839-1849 or contact us online to learn more about our UV light air purifiers and installation services. We serve areas throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland, and we’re ready to serve your restaurant.

Contact Shipley Energy for UV Light Air Purifiers and Installation Services

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