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Why Facility Managers Need a Energy Supplier They Can Trust

Across all industries, facility managers strive to eliminate wasteful spending and make operations run as smoothly as possible. To that end, it is crucial to find a trusted business energy supplier.

Common Challenges of Facility Management

At industrial facilities, managers take on many tasks — and these tasks only compound when issues arise with the energy supply for your facility. As a facility manager, you already have enough on your plate as you address daily challenges and handle negotiations with vendors and suppliers.

It is crucial to have an energy supplier that can keep your facility running smoothly without fail. With a trusted commercial energy supplier at your service, you can focus on the day-to-day tasks of facility management knowing the best partner is handling your energy and fuel needs.

For an energy supplier to best serve your facility, you need a pricing structure that allows you to keep costs under control and boost profit margins. The answer here might not be the least expensive fuel rate, but rather a solution that gives you the best and most efficient service, as this will help prevent the possibility of costly interruptions.

How a Trustworthy Commercial Energy Supplier Supports Your Business Goals

With a trusted commercial energy supplier, you can gain better control over your business’ budget and improve your company’s bottom line. The benefits of a good energy plan could help you manage your facility much more efficiently in many areas.

1. Greater Cost Control

The right energy supplier offers several pricing options, as your needs are likely different from facility managers’ needs in other industries. If your energy needs fluctuate seasonally, the ideal pricing structure will allow you to pay on a usage basis.

The right energy supplier will also negotiate a plan best suited to the energy that drives your business. If your facility consumes oil or propane, the best pricing would be flexibly structured to account for the sometimes volatile nature of that market.

2. Improve Your Bottom Line

Energy procurement can be complicated but partnering with a trusted commercial energy supplier can simplify the process and improve your bottom line by identifying hidden fees that are jacking up your costs.

If an energy supplier attaches hidden fees to your monthly bill, you could find your company stuck with energy costs far higher than the numbers you originally factored into the budget when you signed the initial contract.

3. More Efficient Time Management

The right energy supplier will help you manage time more efficiently because you’ll be able to focus more effectively on budgets, inventory, team selection, negotiations, financial plans, and investments.

  • Budgeting — Whatever your industry, facility management includes numerous budgeting concerns. You must manage all these costs in a sound plan that will keep profits trending positively into the future. A trusted energy supplier will help you control one of your essential expenses with a plan best suited to your company’s budget.
  • Inventory — Tracking your inventory is one aspect of facility management that needs your foremost attention. As long as you don’t have fuel issues causing setbacks in production and downtime at your facility, you can better tend to daily inventory concerns. With a reliable energy supplier, inventory management becomes easier and more efficient.
  • Team selection — For facility operations to run proactively and effectively, managers need to organize teams around the right skill sets. As a facility manager, you need to ensure each team is assembled correctly and tasked according to working compatibility and competencies. Additionally, you need to have a trusted energy supplier to keep your facility in good running order. The right energy supplier will be an extension of your team, partnering with you to make sure you have exactly what you need.
  • Negotiations — Another important component of facility management is negotiating prices with suppliers. Unless you keep overhead costs down to manageable levels that ensure a positive profit margin, your company cannot function as a viable, sustainable business. With a trusted commercial energy supplier at your service, there will be one less possible cost factor to threaten your profit margin.
  • Financial management — When you plan for facility management, there are numerous maintenance costs and financial figures to consider. If these numbers aren’t positive, your business could be in trouble. With the right energy plan, one of the essential expenses remains reliable and reasonable throughout each fiscal cycle.
  • Technological options — With energy costs under control, you can earmark money for technological upgrades at your facility. These investments might entail large upfront costs, yet pay back in spades through enhanced productivity and efficiency. With savings on energy and reduced downtime, you can make these large investments knowing they won’t cause any financial setbacks for your company. Certain investments could even lead to further energy savings. Solar panels and LED lights, for example, are investments that can ultimately help you save.

How to Find the Right Partner for Your Energy Needs

To find the best commercial energy provider for your facility, you must consider your business goals, the company’s energy needs and level of satisfaction with your pre-existing energy contract.

1. What Are Your Business Goals?

To best determine the right energy plan for your business, you need to assess your company’s goals. Consider the following questions:

  • Are you looking to expand operations or will your energy demand remain relatively constant?
  • How much are you spending on facility maintenance and upkeep right now? Is it time to think about investing in new infrastructure?
  • How much does your energy usage vary throughout the year?
  • How much risk are you comfortable with in regard to your energy costs?

2. What Types of Energy and Fuel Do You Need?

As you examine your options with the energy suppliers in your area, consider your company’s energy and fueling needs.

  • Do you use numerous light fixtures, or does most of your work take place outdoors?
  • Does your facility use much heavy-duty, motorized equipment, or do your employees perform most tasks on computer systems?
  • Is work performed mostly on-site or off-site?
  • Is electricity your main source of power, or do you rely on a different fuel type, such as propane, natural gas or heating oil?

3. Are You Satisfied With Your Current Energy Supplier?

Consider whether you like the services from your current energy supplier, or if there are features missing in the plan. Use the following questions to get started?

  • Has your energy supplier been reliable and consistent throughout the time you have been with the service, or have unexpected downtimes halted productions?
  • Do your bills seem proportional to the amount of energy your facility consumes monthly, or do the fees seem somewhat steep and unwavering, despite concerted efforts to conserve energy?
  • Can you predict the monthly energy costs at your facility, or do bills seem to rise despite consistent or slower usage patterns?

If you find your monthly bills padded with extra fees and hidden taxes, you are probably paying more than your original quote when you signed up for the service. Consequently, your energy costs will exceed the original budget forecast and cause accounting headaches. By switching to a transparent plan that doesn’t include these hidden fees, you can more accurately budget for energy costs.

Why Partner With Shipley Energy for Your Commercial Energy Needs?

At Shipley Energy, we offer several different pricing options to suit many usage habits and business needs. We work with customers to develop custom plans that work with each company’s budget. We can help you find a plan that allows you to accurately predict expenses and improve savings.

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Contact Shipley Energy for Fuel and Energy Services

Companies in Maryland and Pennsylvania that use Shipley Energy for fuel and energy services can streamline operations and boost productivity and profit margins. Contact Shipley Energy to learn more about how our commercial energy and fuel services can help you cut costs and grow your business more efficiently.

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