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Top 6 Benefits of Natural Gas for Your Business

Fuel is one of the most important resources for any business. Until recently, there were few options that didn’t derive from overseas petroleum exports. Fortunately, today’s businesses now have the option of domestic natural gas. As a thriving and competitive industry, U.S. natural gas production increased by 12% in 2018. So what are the benefits of natural gas for your business?

The Benefits of Natural Gas

Commercial natural gas benefits extend across numerous layers of any business operation. By using natural gas, your company could reduce its carbon footprint and boost its operating efficiency. Natural gas is a clean and abundant fuel that is rapidly spreading in usage and production across the United States. Thanks to its environmentally sound qualities, natural gas has one of the best reputations among fuels. As such, using natural gas can boost the image and efficiency of your business. The advantages of natural gas for businesses can be summarized as follows:

1. Reliable Power Supply

Natural gas is delivered to business locations via underground pipelines and is therefore not subject to the same disruptive patterns that can impact above ground power lines. If a thunderstorm leaves neighboring buildings without electricity, you will likely still have access to natural gas. The steady supply and reliability of natural gas can save your business from costly periods of downtime, which can help you maximize productivity and increase your bottom line. And if there is an interruption in natural gas supply, Shipley Energy can help you manage it.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Depending on how you currently power your operations, natural gas could help reduce your company’s carbon footprint. The adoption of natural gas across the U.S. business sector could help lead to a nationwide reduction of CO2 emissions in the coming years. Over time, natural gas will help American businesses be more environmentally sound and less reliant on foreign fuel products.

3. Safe Delivery

Natural gas is transported to business locations through an underground piping system. Across the U.S., these pipes are inspected and reinforced regularly to ensure the safe passage of fuel between the production sites and each final destination. When you rely on natural gas as the main source of power for your business operations, there is no risk of downed power lines or stalled fuel-delivery trucks. As the production of natural gas expands throughout the U.S., so too does the piping system that is bringing the fuel to some of the most remote parts of the country. This expansion is helping to make natural gas accessible to more businesses.

4. Efficiency and Reasonable Cost

Natural gas is an economical fuel option for many businesses, as it provides higher efficiency than many other types of fuels. With natural gas, you can trim your business energy costs and concentrate more of your resources on core business needs. Over a given year, your monthly savings on energy could add up substantially, especially if you operate a large facility.

In factory settings and office buildings, machines and appliances often perform more efficiently on natural gas. As you do the math and count your potential savings, consider how you could pass the savings onto your customers and reinvest in your business infrastructure.

5. Produced Domestically

Unlike other types of fuel that are largely reliant on the foreign market, the majority of the nation’s natural gas supply is produced right here in the United States. As such, your business does more to support the domestic economy when you opt for natural gas as your primary energy source.

Domestic production of natural gas makes it easier for the companies that supply the fuel to keep their prices down. The ability to produce natural gas here in the U.S. has also helped generate a competitive market that compels companies to offer the best possible deals on the fuel to their customers. Therefore, you will usually find the best possible fuel rates and terms on natural gas.

6. Variety of Uses

With natural gas, the options are wide and varied in terms of the ways you can utilize the fuel to power the assorted functions of your business facility. For starters, natural gas is the most efficient way to heat a large office building. At industrial facilities, natural gas provides better temperature control that allows you to condition the air for the needs of your operations. You can also use natural gas to power your air conditioning system. Natural gas can even be used to power appliances, factory equipment, and various outdoor functions.

Commercial Natural Gas Applications

The benefits of natural gas for business operations are encouraging when you think about the convenience, savings, and efficiency that the fuel can provide for your operations. Other things to consider about natural gas include the specific applications of this fuel type, including the following:

1. Facility Heating

In buildings, factories, indoor stadiums, shopping malls, and recreational facilities, natural gas provides an efficient and eco-friendly means of interior heating. If you operate a multistory office building, natural gas can fuel the HVAC system and provide targeted heat to select units and floors. In occupied rooms and on populated floors, natural gas will make it easier to adjust the temperature to desired levels with utmost efficiency. With natural gas, you can generate interior warmth when necessary and also save on your monthly heating costs.

2. Cooling

Inside of office spaces, shops, restaurants, and enclosed public spaces, air conditioning typically consumes significant amounts of energy. As summers become hotter, buildings need air conditioning to keep workers and patrons comfortable. One way to save on energy costs is to use natural-gas-powered air conditioning. With these systems, when the summer heat arrives, you can keep the indoor temperatures comfortable and affordably adjusted throughout each workday. The same holds true if you operate a gym, restaurant or storefront.

3. Commercial Cooking

Natural gas is the ideal fuel type for all kinds of cooking operations. If you run a restaurant or any other kind of eatery, natural gas can power all of your cooking appliances with less energy consumption than other types of fueling options. The same would hold true if you have a cafeteria within your business building. With natural gas, you can exert better control over the heat consumption of stoves and ovens.

Natural gas is a popular choice among chefs because it provides a more economical and manageable heating source during large-scale cooking operations. If you run a busy restaurant, you could easily cut your operating costs with natural gas because your appliances would all consume less energy per usage cycle. You can also use a natural gas-powered hot water heater to heat the water you use to wash dishes and perform other essential kitchen tasks.

Should Your Business Switch to Natural Gas?

As you compare the benefits of natural gas to other fuel types, the arguments in favor of natural gas become even more compelling. In case you still have doubts about making the switch, consider the following things that you could do with natural gas:

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Natural Gas From Shipley Energy

As you consider the benefits of natural gas for your business, check the rates offered by Shipley Energy, where we provide fuel to businesses across the commercial, agriculture, hospitality, manufacturing, and medical industries. Contact Shipley Energy to learn more about our commercial natural gas solutions or to get help creating an effective energy procurement strategy.

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