5 benefits of propane greenhouse heaters

5 Benefits of Propane Greenhouse Heaters

There are many factors you have to consider when growing crops in a greenhouse. During the winter, your crops can freeze if the temperatures drop too low, which can cause permanent damage to your plants.

Battling the cold is essential for maintaining the health of your crops and increasing your productivity. If your crops get too cold, you could experience unnecessary downtime and lost revenue, affecting your bottom line. Propane greenhouse heaters are an effective and cost-friendly solution to help keep your plants from freezing while keeping you in business during the winter. Learn more about propane heaters below and how they can benefit your business.

Why Heaters Are Essential in Greenhouses

Greenhouses have the potential to trap heat on their own by converting energy from the sun into heat energy. When UV rays enter the greenhouse, the plants absorb the energy and convert it to heat.

However, greenhouses can’t maintain ideal temperatures independently in harsh winters, which is where propane heaters come in. Growers can utilize propane heaters in their greenhouses year-round when cold weather makes it impossible for greenhouses to maintain their own heat, regardless of their climate. Heaters are essential to the growth cycle, especially if you’re growing crops that can’t withstand the cold.

Propane heaters provide consistent heat with low emissions, making them safe for crops. These versatile heaters can boil water for plants that require warmer soil temperatures. You can also use propane for dehumidification to reduce the air’s moisture, which prevents plant disease and improves your crop quality.

Different models of propane heaters are available on the market, each with unique benefits for your business. There are several factors you have to consider before purchasing a propane heater, including:

  • Your location and environmental conditions
  • The type of plants you’re growing
  • Your existing budget and short and long-term goals
  • The size and setup of your greenhouse

You can always speak with a professional propane supplier to determine what type of heater would work best in your specific conditions. Speaking with a professional ensures you find the right heater from the start, reducing your downtime and helping you grow your crops efficiently.

Benefits of Propane Heaters for Greenhouses

benefits of propane heaters

Propane heaters can help keep your plants warm, even during the harshest winters. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary downtime due to a cold front or an unusually cold winter since your propane heaters will have you covered. Propane heaters also have additional benefits for growers. Some of the features of these heaters include:

  • Versatility: You can choose from installed or portable systems depending on your heating needs, allowing growers to choose a customized and convenient option without relying on the power grid.
  • Energy efficiency: Propane heaters can be more energy efficient than other heaters and tend to use less fuel. They can help you save on monthly energy costs since you’re significantly reducing fuel usage. Using a new propane heating system can also improve your energy efficiency since they burn better than older, outdated equipment, making them a worthy investment.
  • Environmental friendliness: Propane heaters produce fewer greenhouse emissions than other options like natural gas, oil, or electricity. Choosing an environmentally friendly option can help you showcase your business as eco-conscious, which can help you generate business among the ecological community.
  • Reliability: Propane can be more reliable during power outages or pipeline interruptions, allowing you to continue to heat your greenhouse during emergencies. A reliable energy source can prevent downtime, lost revenue, and damaged crops.
  • Dehumidification: Excessive humidity can result in your plants getting diseases and affecting the overall quality of your product, potentially resulting in lost revenue. Propane heaters can help you control humidity to prevent unnecessary damage to your plants, allowing you to maintain your income during the winter.

Propane heaters are cost-efficient options to help you keep your greenhouse warm during the summer. With growing environmental concerns, propane is an excellent choice since it operates on a closed fuel system. Propane doesn’t have the risk of spills and won’t evaporate into the environment, significantly reducing your carbon emissions and centering your brand as eco-conscious.

How Can I Switch to Propane?

If you currently have electricity or another fuel type, transitioning to propane can help you save money, reduce carbon emissions, improve security, and boost efficiency.

You can work with your supplier to make the transition to propane. Your heaters may currently work with propane, so you’ll want to take a look to determine if you need to invest in new heaters or if your current heaters are capable of running on propane.

Once you have propane heaters, you’ll want to contact a professional propane company. They can help set you up with a propane delivery plan. You can also consider investing in a propane tank to always have enough on hand, especially during outages or a harsh cold front.

You also want to ensure you get the best prices when switching to propane. Propane is already one of the most affordable fuels, but you can make it even more affordable by looking for the best prices. Waiting until winter to convert to propane is often the most expensive option because it’s the highest in demand.

Instead, consider switching in the summer when the demand and prices are at their lowest. You’re also more likely to get an appointment when you want with your supplier in the summer since winter is often packed with people trying to get essential winter heating.

When you’re looking for a propane supplier, consider your needs. Do you need emergency services if the power goes out or you unexpectedly run out of fuel? What delivery services do they offer, and how reliable are they? Are their propane options cost-effective? These questions can help you choose a propane supplier you can rely on for deliveries and other essential services to keep your greenhouse up and running in the winter.

Choose Shipley Energy as Your Trusted Propane Supplier

At Shipley Energy, we understand how important it is to keep your greenhouse heated during the winter. We are an experienced propane supplier with the knowledge and expertise to help you find propane solutions to help your business run smoothly, even during the harsh winter.

We have propane delivery and storage tank options to ensure you never run out of propane when needed. You can order your propane on-demand or set up automatic deliveries. We also have emergency deliveries to ensure that your business can still operate in the event of an emergency. Contact us today to learn more about our propane options, fuel services, and how we can help you take your business to the next level!

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