If you need propane to heat your home or fuel your water heater and washing machine, choose Shipley Energy for pricing plans and dependability. We provide propane services to a range of areas including York, PA, where our corporate headquarters are based.

If you stay with your regular utility provider, propane prices in York, PA, can shift because of factors out of your control. At Shipley Energy, we understand the difficulty of finding affordable propane prices in an increasingly competitive market.

York propane prices can change based on several factors, including crude oil prices as it’s the number one ingredient in propane refining. The price of propane can also shift based on the supply and demand as well as transportation and delivery costs. At Shipley Energy, we monitor the market to provide bulk services and needed savings.

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Propane Delivery Options

We provide propane delivery in York, PA, to ensure that residents have affordable options when it comes to their propane provider. Our technicians transport propane as a pressured gas in liquid form that households can use for home heating, back-up generators, space heaters, cooking, water heaters, and fireplaces.

We are a dedicated propane provider that is there for you in the tough winters to ensure we fulfill your propane needs. We are an energy provider you can trust with a well-trained team that is always available to deliver propane when you need it at a fair price.

Propane delivery in York, PA, has never been easier with our no run-out guarantee. We monitor the levels of your propane tank to gain a better understanding of your use and schedule a delivery before you run out. Enrolling in our automatic delivery ensures you never run out of propane when you need it the most.

Why Choose Shipley Energy for Residential Propane?

When you compare average York propane prices to Shipley Energy propane prices, you will see the differences. When you choose Shipley Energy, you can also choose from different pricing options and service benefits that help us stand out from the competition.

  • Pricing plans: We offer four different pricing plan options, so you can afford your propane. Our market price program means you always get propane delivered at the market price. The fixed price program allows you to lock into a rate for the heating season. When you choose our cap price program, you never have to pay more than your capped rate regardless of whether the price of propane goes up. We also offer a LIHEAP Grant that helps low-income families pay their heating bill.
  • Budgeting: We want to make sure your propane needs can fit into your budget, which is why we offer a budget plan. With Shipley Energy, can divide the costs of propane across the entire year.
  • Dependability: Choose Shipley Energy if you never want to worry about dependability or quality. We deliver propane to your home whenever you need it and have over 85 years of expertise to ease all of your concerns.
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