Propane is a versatile fuel for residential use. You can use it to heat your home, cook your food, dry your clothes, and power your home during an outage.

If you’re thinking about switching to propane, Shipley Energy can help. We’ve been a trusted home heating fuel provider for more than 90 years. As a leading propane company in Ephrata, PA, we provide reliable service and great rates.

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What Affects Propane Prices in Ephrata, Pennsylvania?

Several factors impact Ephrata propane prices, including:

  • Crude oil costs: Crude oil is the primary ingredient for refining propane.
  • Supply and demand: Propane prices typically rise or fall with consumer demand.
  • Transportation and delivery expenses: The price you pay reflects the costs of transporting and delivering propane.

How We Keep Our Propane Prices Low

At Shipley Energy, we know how frustrating it can be to deal with fluctuating propane rates and high heating costs. That’s why we take strategic steps that allow us to pass on savings to our customers.

We maintain an extensive supplier network to ensure we get the best propane rates. We also track the market and purchase propane in bulk when prices are low. What’s more, we minimize our overhead expenses to reduce the impact of transportation and delivery costs on your bill.

Flexible Pricing Options for Ephrata Customers

Ephrata customers can choose from several pricing plans to find the option that works best for your usage, lifestyle, and budget:

  • Market pricing: Buy propane at the going market rate on a per-gallon basis.
  • Fixed pricing: Purchase your propane supply in advance to lock in a guaranteed rate for the entire heating season.
  • Capped pricing: Pay only as much as your capped rate or less when prices fall.
  • LIHEAP grant: Qualify for a Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) grant to receive financial assistance.
  • Budget pricing: Spread your propane costs evenly over the year for more predictable pricing.

Ephrata Propane Delivery

You’ll also benefit from our convenient delivery options. Choose when you want your propane delivered with our will-call service. Simply contact us when you’re low on propane, and we’ll refill your tank at a time that works for you. This option gives you full control over your propane delivery schedule.

Eliminate the need to self-monitor your tank with our automatic delivery service. We keep track of the local weather and your propane use to determine when you need your next delivery. Our automatic delivery comes with a discounted price per gallon cost and peace of mind knowing you’ll always have enough fuel.

Emergency Delivery Service

At Shipley Energy, we know that emergencies can happen. Whether there’s a problem with your fuel gauge or you’ve miscalculated your propane needs, Shipley Energy has you covered with emergency delivery, which is available for an additional fee.

Order Propane From Shipley Energy Today

Order Propane From Shipley Energy Today

Give us a call at 1-800-839-1849 to place your order with one of our Customer Care Team members. You can also order online at your convenience using our intuitive, self-guided system.