Shipley Energy is a leading propane company in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. We offer a high level of service and expertise with over 90 years in business. Whether you’re converting your home to propane or searching for a new supplier, Shipley Energy provides the reliable services you need to stay warm during the cold Pennsylvania winters.

Shipley Energy

Benefits of Propane

Propane is a clean, efficient, and versatile fuel for your home. It generates heat much faster than many electric systems, ensuring your home warms up quickly when temperatures drop.

You can also use propane for cooking. Propane ovens and stovetops typically cook foods more evenly than electric units. Homeowners can also benefit from propane clothes dryers, which produce a moist heat that protects against garment discoloration.

What’s more, a propane generator provides reliable backup power during an outage.

Cumberland County Propane Prices

Propane prices in Cumberland County fluctuate based on crude oil costs, supply and demand, and transportation and delivery expenses. At Shipley Energy, we work hard to keep our propane costs as economical and predictable as possible for all of our customers.

We buy propane in bulk when prices are low to pass the savings along to you. We also minimize our operating costs through programs like paperless billing and online delivery to reduce your monthly bill.

Pricing Plans for Cumberland County Customers

We give you the flexibility to choose a pricing structure that works best for your needs. Our options include:

  • Market pricing: You’ll pay the going rate for propane on a per-gallon basis.
  • Fixed pricing: Your price will stay the same for the duration of your agreement.
  • Capped pricing: We cap your rate at a predetermined price to help you control your costs and take advantage of lower market prices.
  • LIHEAP pricing: You’ll get help paying your propane bills when you qualify for a Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) grant.

Budget Plans

Eliminate guesswork about your propane expenses with a budget plan from Shipley Energy. You’ll pay the same price each month, allowing you to plan and budget more effectively. We review your service plan, propane usage, and the average market prices to determine the amount you pay.

Cumberland County Propane Delivery

Cumberland County residents need a dependable supply of propane, especially during the winter. At Shipley Energy, we offer several delivery options so you can choose how you receive your propane supply.

  • Automatic delivery: We monitor your propane use and local weather patterns to refill your tank automatically when the time is right. Automatic delivery customers save money on the price per gallon and gain peace of mind knowing they’ll never run out of propane.
  • Will-call delivery: Get maximum control over your propane delivery schedule with will-call delivery. Simply contact us when you need fuel, and we’ll schedule a delivery at your convenience.
Make Shipley Energy Your Propane Provider

Make Shipley Energy Your Propane Provider

Give us a call at 1-800-839-1849 to schedule your next propane delivery or place an order online today. If you have any questions, you can reach out to our expert team for assistance.