Supplying Natural Gas to UGI Customers

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Shipley Energy Supplies Natural Gas to UGI Customers

If you're a natural gas customer with UGI, switching to a supplier such as Shipley Energy gives you access to new benefits. When you sign your contract with us, you'll enjoy uninterrupted service from your utility company while exploring the advantages of joining a third-party supplier. Changing suppliers only takes a few minutes, and we offer pricing plans and other long-term incentives. Convenience, cost-efficiency, and competition are just some of the perks of selecting Shipley Energy.

About UGI

UGI Utilities, Inc. has over 700,000 customers between the 45 Pennsylvania counties and one Maryland county they serve. Their natural gas prices apply to their residential or commercial customers. Shipley Energy is proud to supply natural gas to UGI customers. Changing energy prices can cause your energy bills to look different every month. When you choose a fixed natural gas price from Shipley Energy, you'll experience the reliability of your utility company's delivery at a consistent low rate.

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Shipley Energy and UGI: Our Roles Under Deregulation

Thanks to energy market deregulation, Pennsylvania and Maryland residents can choose the company that generates their energy. You now pick the supplier who sells gas to your utility company. Then your utility company resells that natural gas to you without a markup for profit.

As a natural gas supplier, Shipley Energy works with UGI to provide you with quality natural gas at cost-effective rates. When you choose us, your utility company continues your natural gas deliveries without interruption, but you enjoy the security of a payment plan that you choose.

Compare UGI's Natural Gas Rates

At Shipley Energy, we offer two plans — fixed and variable. A fixed plan means that your UGI natural gas pricing stays the same over the course of your contract with us. No matter how much natural gas you use, or the level of demand, the price per unit stays the same. Our experts advise customers looking to switch to watch the rates and lock in a plan when the prices are low.

Variable plans allow your UGI gas prices to fluctuate with the market. As the market rate changes, so do the prices you pay per unit of natural gas. This can help you when rates are low, but you could pay more than a fixed plan when demand increases.

The economic value of choosing Shipley Energy as your supplier is clear when you compare UGI's natural gas rates to the prices offered to our customers. We believe in transparent pricing, which is why we offer a price checking tool to help you compare our rates to other suppliers'.

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Why Choose Shipley Energy?

When you select Shipley Energy as your natural gas supplier, you have access to our professional team with over 90 years of experience. Choosing a supplier for your natural gas puts you in control of your home's energy costs without interrupting your natural gas delivery.

If you're thinking about switching to Shipley Energy for your natural gas needs, contact us online or call 1-800-839-1849.