Supplying Natural Gas to PECO Customers


Shipley Energy Supplies Natural Gas to PECO Customers

Pennsylvania residents have the freedom to shop for energy suppliers to get the best benefits. Shipley Energy is proud to act as a natural gas supplier to PECO's customers. Our fixed pricing plans are just one perk of choosing us as your supplier, and making the transition only takes a few minutes!

PECO Natural Gas

If you live in Southeastern PA, you're probably one of PECO's 2 million energy customers. Backed by a 130-year history, PECO is the largest utility company providing natural gas and electric services in the state. Our team at Shipley Energy is passionate about making sure PECO's natural gas customers have access to reliable energy at a predictable cost.

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Deregulation, Shipley Energy, and PECO Natural Gas Pricing

In Pennsylvania, energy deregulation laws help us reach consumers and lower their energy costs. Customers can now choose who supplies their natural gas to the utility company. That means suppliers such as Shipley Energy buy natural gas from production companies then sell it to utility companies such as PECO. Competition between many suppliers means no monopolies and lower energy costs for customers.

Shipley Energy's Role in PECO's Natural Gas Rates

PECO's natural gas prices rise and fall with the market. Cold weather, for instance, makes natural gas more expensive in the winter. When supply and demand change energy prices, customers with fixed rate payment plans from Shipley Energy keep paying the same price per unit.

When customers enroll in fixed rate payment plans, they pay a flat rate for each unit of natural gas they use. That price depends on the market trends at the time they sign their contract. Shipley Energy advises potential customers to watch natural gas prices and take advantage of low rates. You can also use our price checker tool to compare PECO natural gas rates from other suppliers.

Your other option is a variable price plan that follows market trends. When you choose this plan, you can take advantage of months with decreased demand. However, you could pay higher prices than a fixed rate plan depending on fluctuations.

Energy Choice Matters

Whether you're looking for a new natural gas supplier or considering switching to natural gas from another energy source, your choice matters. The convenience, versatility, and abundance of natural gas make it a superior energy source.

Your supplier matters just as much as the kind of energy you use. When you choose Shipley Energy, you have access to:

  • Experience. We've been in business for more than 90 years, and continue to help our neighbors get affordable energy.
  • Customer service. Our customer service team is friendly and committed to helping you with energy questions and issues.
  • Educational resources. Our website is full of guides and answers to common customer questions.

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Switching to Shipley Energy is convenient — your delivery service continues as expected, and your utility company will still bill you. Contact us online or call us at 1-800-839-1849 for more information.