Supplying Natural Gas to Dominion Energy Ohio Customers


If you're a Dominion Energy Ohio natural gas customer, you can switch to Shipley Energy in minutes and enjoy the benefits of signing with us today. Choosing Shipley Energy as your supplier improves your relationship with utility companies such as Dominion by reducing your energy costs without interrupting your natural gas delivery. When you name us as your third-party supplier, you gain access to pricing plans that take the guesswork out of your energy bills.

About Dominion Energy Ohio

Dominion Energy Ohio is part of the Dominion Energy company, which provides services to 7 million customers in 20 states. Their team is committed to delivering energy in sustainable ways. At Shipley Energy, we're happy to supply Dominion with reliable natural gas at a great value. Under Ohio's deregulation laws, that value gets passed to you.

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How Choosing Shipley Energy Benefits You

Deregulated states give natural gas customers the freedom to choose what supplier sells their energy. Having a choice between suppliers creates competition, which in turn produces lower energy costs. Under deregulation, both Shipley Energy and Dominion Energy Ohio have unique roles and restrictions that benefit you. Consider the two entities' basic functions:

  • Shipley Energy: As your supplier, we give Dominion Energy access to energy by purchasing natural gas through a commodity contract and reselling it. We also market natural gas to potential customers.
  • Dominion Energy Ohio: As your utility company, Dominion Energy delivers natural gas to you through their infrastructure — maintenance and billing are their responsibility.

Separating our obligations from Dominion Energy Ohio's benefits you in three ways:

  1. Predictable energy cost: In a regulated state, utility companies bill you for the energy you use, and the rate they charge changes each month. This practice makes it difficult to estimate your energy costs. Payment plans from Shipley Energy make your natural gas bills more predictable.
  2. Low fixed rates: When there's a high demand for natural gas, cost per unit soars. Fixed rate plans let you lock in a low price per unit for the duration of your contract. Lower energy costs are just one benefit of switching to Shipley Energy.
  3. Choice: Finding the right supplier lets you personalize your plan to meet your needs.

Compare Dominion Natural Gas Rates

Dominion Energy's natural gas rates are generally lower when you switch to us. That's because competition between suppliers lowers our rates. Dominion Energy Ohio's natural gas prices also depend on demand and other market trends. When you choose a third-party supplier, you can sign a contract that makes you eligible for a fixed rate payment plan. Even when natural gas prices rise, your price per unit will stay the same.

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Choose Shipley Energy as Your Supplier

We're a proud supplier for Dominion Energy Ohio's natural gas customers. With over 85 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry, we know the importance of cost-effective energy. Switching to Shipley Energy is easy, and your utility company will continue to deliver your natural gas as usual.

Compare our rates with our online price checking tool. You can also contact us online or call us at 1-800-839-1849.