When it comes to Pittsburgh natural gas suppliers, Shipley Energy stands out amongst the competitors. We’re Pennsylvania-based and have serving customers for more than 90 years, providing high-quality energy services at the economical rates.

If you are shopping for the best natural gas prices in Pittsburgh, PA, considering switching to natural gas, or changing your supplier, Shipley Energy offers the rates and services you need to receive a reliable energy supply.

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Why Choose Natural Gas?

Natural gas is one of the most cost-effective energy solutions available. Pittsburgh’s natural gas rates remain low for several reasons. First, 98% of the natural gas we use is produced in Canada and the United States, so the costs of transporting natural gas are very low. Since natural gas is not sourced overseas, international crises or events do not affect rates.

Natural gas is also an environmentally friendly choice. As a cleaner fuel source, it produces very little emissions, which helps keep your home and the environment safer.

Energy Choice in Pittsburgh

Energy choice has made it easier for Pittsburgh residents to have a say in the natural gas rates they pay. Due to energy deregulation, you can now choose your natural gas supplier and shop for the best rates and plans. With the increased competition in the market, energy is available at better prices.

Before energy choice, your utility company would set your natural gas prices. Now, Shipley Energy and other suppliers negotiate with production companies to get you low rates. Other than the supplier securing energy rates, nothing changes for your utility company. The utility company will still read your meter, deliver your natural gas, and send you a bill every month.

Why Choose Shipley Energy as Your Natural Gas Supplier?

At Shipley Energy, we work hard to offer our customers the most competitive rates possible. We also make it easy for you to compare natural gas prices in Pittsburgh — get an idea of what you can expect to pay each month with our price checker. Use it to enter your zip code and get plans and prices in the area.

We also have two different types of plans:

  • Fixed price plans: To avoid fluctuating prices due to seasonal and market changes, lock in a fixed price with us and pay the same rate for your plan’s duration.
  • Variable price plans: When you have a variable price plan, your rate will change monthly based on market prices.

Contact Us to Get Started

With these plan options, you can choose what works best for your lifestyle and finances. Not sure which plan would be best or considering switching to natural gas? You can contact us for more information about converting to natural gas or understanding your options. Whatever information or assistance you may need, Shipley Energy can help.

Shipley Energy: The Natural Gas Experts

Shipley Energy: The Natural Gas Experts

For a more economical and environmentally friendly way to heat your home, you can rely on Shipley Energy to deliver quality natural gas at a competitive rate. Regardless of which pricing plan you choose, you’ll enjoy superior service and a high-quality product.

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