Comparing Natural Gas Suppliers in Harrisburg, PA

If you are a family that uses natural gas in your home, finding fuel at the best prices is critical to your spending budget. At Shipley Energy, we’ve been delivering cost-effective solutions for heating your home since 1929. We are a full-service Harrisburg natural gas supplier offering economical prices on home fuel delivery and a variety of options and services.

Who are you going to trust to provide the fuel you need to heat your home through the long Harrisburg winter? Shipley Energy offers transparent pricing so you can be sure you’re getting competitive natural gas rates in Harrisburg along with a full range of top of the line services. We’ll work with you to identify the fuel solutions that make the most sense for your home and ensure you always have the supply you require throughout the year.

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Checking Natural Gas Prices in Harrisburg, PA

We focus on providing the information you need to make the most informed decision on choosing a local natural gas supplier. Use our tool above to generate an estimated natural gas fuel bill for your residence. You can get started by entering your zip code in the appropriate field. Contact us if you have any questions, and enroll for natural gas fuel delivery online today.

Switching Your Natural Gas Supplier

Thanks to energy deregulation laws that have gone into action in the last few years, you have the freedom to choose your Harrisburg natural gas supplier. The more say you have in the way your utility company purchases the fuel you consume, the greater your ability to control costs and receive the highest levels of service.

Switching to Shipley Energy is simple. There are never any sign-up fees, and your service will not be interrupted. Your current provider will continue to supply natural gas to your home, monitor usage, and collect monthly fees. The only difference is we provide the fuel.

When you’re ready to make the switch to a cleaner, more economical fuel source, Shipley Energy will make the process quick and easy. We can even help convert your home to natural gas, so you can start reaping the benefits.

Choose the Natural Gas Pricing Plan That’s Best for Your Family

We’re passionate about helping residential customers find affordable natural gas prices in Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding regions. Our options in pricing plans give you more control over your home energy costs.

Choose from:

  • Fixed price plans that let you lock in a low rate that stays the same for the duration of your plan.
  • Variable price plans that fluctuate from month to month based on the current market.
Shipley Energy Is the Trusted Source for Natural Gas in Harrisburg

Shipley Energy Is the Trusted Source for Natural Gas in Harrisburg

We have been delivering economical and innovative energy solutions to residents throughout our PA and MD territory for over 90 years. Whether you're looking to switch to natural gas or you need a supplier in the area you can depend on for competitive rates and reliable delivery, we're ready to meet your needs.

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