At Shipley Energy, we meet the unique needs of our residential customers in Mechanicsburg. We do more than provide the heating oil you need to keep warm this winter. We offer a wide range of options to customize your heating oil delivery services and keep your fuel tank full.

Shipley Energy

Our Fuel Delivery Options

Your team at Shipley Energy can help you stay comfortable by delivering your heating oil according to your preferred schedule. We offer three different delivery options for heating oil in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, so you can select the plan that works best for your household. Our delivery plans include:

  • Automatic delivery: We’ll ensure your tank is full before cold weather begins and schedule deliveries throughout the season.
  • On-demand delivery: Get your heating oil when you need it by calling or placing your order online whenever your tank needs to be filled.
  • Emergency delivery: If your tank runs dry unexpectedly, we can deliver heating oil 24/7 to heat your home.

When you choose our automatic delivery plan, we guarantee that you won’t run out of heating oil. We look at weather data, monitor your tank’s levels, and check your usage to determine when you need more heating oil delivered well before you ever run out.

Heating Oil Pricing Options for Mechanicsburg

As a fourth-generation family-owned business, we strive to offer you exceptional customer care with a personal touch that makes you feel like part of our family. We want to make heating oil affordable for anyone who needs it. That’s why we let you choose how to pay with our personalized pricing options, including:

  • Market price: With our market pricing option, we’ll deliver heating oil on a per-gallon basis and you’ll pay according to the current fuel oil prices in Mechanicsburg.
  • Pre-buy price: When you choose our pre-buy pricing option, you’ll lock in a guaranteed fixed rate for the rest of the heating season.
  • Cap price: Your fuel price will fluctuate with Mechanicsburg heating oil prices, but it won’t exceed your capped rate, so you remain protected from price surges.
  • LIHEAP grants: Low-income households can apply for a Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Grant for help paying for heating oil.

Our consistent monthly billing plan allows you to spread the cost of your heating oil for the season out over 12 months. You’ll get a more consistent bill each month with no surprise peaks.

Let Shipley Energy Keep You Warm

Let Shipley Energy Keep You Warm

Shipley Energy has more than 90 years of experience providing affordable and reliable heating oil delivery services to residents of Mechanicsburg. Our goal is to make sure you always have the fuel you need when you need it.

In addition to our delivery services, our HVAC team can also provide complete services, including seasonal tuneups and HVAC maintenance, to ensure your system is ready to handle the shift to cooler weather.

If you're ready to become a part of the Shipley Energy family, you can place your order online or get in touch with our team for more information.