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Home and business owners in northwest Ohio know that Toledo Edison’s electricity prices can significantly impact their expenses each month. But did you know that as a Toledo Edison customer, you also have a say in the price you pay for your electricity? There are many electricity suppliers in the market that offer a variety of prices and plans.

At Shipley Energy, we are a local supplier offering competitive prices and market knowledge to help you find solutions that fit your lifestyle.

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Energy Choice Matters

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Why Energy Choice Matters

In Ohio’s energy market today, customers have many choices when it comes to their electricity. Before the market was deregulated, utility companies such as Toledo Edison set the electricity prices you pay, which meant you had no choice in what you were paying. Now, there are companies such as Shipley Energy that buy energy from generation companies and offer it to customers at economical prices with different plan options.

Choosing a supplier allows you to find a lower rate and payment plan that works best for you without any changes to the services you receive from Toledo Edison.

About Toledo Edison

Toledo Edison serves more than 300,000 customers in northwest Ohio, providing essential energy services. They are a FirstEnergy Corp. company known for providing reliable electricity and energy to customers.

If you are a Toledo Edison customer, you will continue to receive services from them when you switch to a different supplier. When you choose Shipley Energy as your supplier, the only change you will see is lower electricity bills.

Compare Toledo Edison’s Electric Rates

So how do you compare Toledo Edison’s electricity rates to other companies’ prices? Shipley Energy has an online price checking tool that makes it easy for you to find rates and plans from different suppliers so you can find the best options.

Before you pick a supplier, check their price against Toledo Edison’s price to compare (PTC), or the rate that they charge for electricity. Using their PTC as a benchmark allows you to ensure the supplier is offering a better deal.

What Affects Your Electric Bill?

Several key factors impact Toledo Edison customers’ electricity prices, including:

  • Fuel costs: Fuels, or commodities like natural gas and coal, create the energy required to generate and deliver electricity. As a result, fuel cost fluctuations directly affect electricity rates.
  • Consumption: Your consumption pattern is one of the biggest factors that determines what you pay for electricity.
  • Power plant expenses: Costs associated with operating the power plant where your electricity is produced are reflected in utility rates.
  • Transmission and distribution: Electricity travels to your home from power plants via a network of poles and wires. The expense of maintaining this transmission and distribution system contributes to electricity costs.
  • Supply and demand: In the summer when more people rely on electricity to cool their homes, electricity prices typically increase. They can also spike in winter if fuel prices rise due to pipeline constraints.

Our Plans

At Shipley Energy, we know every household and business has different needs. That’s why we offer two different types of plans with different term lengths and price options so you can find the perfect fit.

If you prefer a plan with pricing that follows the market, we have variable price plans to accommodate you. For customers who like to know exactly what they will pay each month with no surprises, choose one of our fixed price plans and lock in one rate that will not change over the course of your plan. You can select a six-, 12- or 24-month fixed-rate plan.

Renewable Energy Options

If you’re a customer looking specifically for environmentally friendly options, you may be eligible for our renewable energy services. By partnering with green energy companies, we’re able to offer 100% renewable energy plans.

When you enroll in one of these plans, you’ll receive electricity made from hydro, wind, and/or solar energy sources. Our plans also exceed requirements for the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) and Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), so you can trust that you’re getting a clean electricity supply.

No additional equipment is required to deliver renewable energy to your home, and you’ll continue to receive electricity service as usual for a seamless switch.

Contact us to find out about renewable energy options in your area.

Benefits of Choosing Shipley Energy As Your Electricity Supplier

Toledo Edison customers whose electricity rates are determined by Shipley Energy can count on:

  • Low costs: We partner with local companies to get discounted electricity rates, and we pass those savings along to you.
  • Unlimited 3% back: You get 3% back on your electricity expenses through the Shipley Energy Rewards Program.
  • Worry-Free Renewal: We offer a Worry-Free Renewal option that allows you to renew your plan at a fixed rate and avoid getting rolled into a variable-rate plan.

What Makes Shipley Energy a Leading Electric Supplier?

In today’s deregulated energy market, customers have many suppliers to choose from. It’s crucial to select a reputable company to ensure you receive a reliable electricity supply.

Shipley Energy is a top electricity supplier in the mid-Atlantic, thanks to our proven track record of quality service. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from:

  • Decades of experience: We’ve been a trusted energy company for more than 90 years. We have the in-depth industry expertise necessary to supply dependable electricity.
  • Transparency: We provide the resources our customers need to make informed energy choices. With our price check tool, you can compare Toledo Edison electric rates and use the Toledo Edison PTC as a baseline to help you find great deals. You can also browse our collection of educational articles to learn more about the energy market and how you can lower your costs.
  • Exceptional service: As a family-owned business, we take the time to provide attentive service and ensure all your needs are met. We love to give our customers peace of mind with 24/7 service and no monthly fees or cancellation fees.
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