Supplying Electricity to Duquesne Light Customers


Did you know that Duquesne Light customers have the option to choose from multiple electricity prices and plans? Suppliers such as Shipley Energy provide economical electric rates and a variety of plan options, so you have more say in what you pay.

Energy Choice for Duquesne Light Customers

Duquesne Light customers can now choose a supplier for their electricity due to deregulation in the market. But how does energy choice work?

Generation companies produce electricity. Suppliers buy the energy and sell it to you at low rates. Without energy choice, you would have to pay whatever price your utility company set. But now, you can shop for prices and plans from different suppliers and find options that will save you money.

Choosing a supplier does not affect your relationship with your utility company. For example, switching to Shipley Energy takes just a few moments, and Duquesne Light will continue to deliver your electricity, service electrical lines in your area, and provide service without interruption.

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About Duquesne Light

A utility company under FirstEnergy Corp., Duquesne Light serves nearly 600,000 customers in Allegheny and Beaver Counties in Pennsylvania. The company has been delivering energy to homes and businesses in the area for more than a century.

When you switch to a supplier such as Shipley Energy, you can continue to depend on Duquesne Light for electrical services while locking in a better rate.

Compare Duquesne Light's Electric Rates

Finding a good deal is easy with Shipley Energy's online price check tool. We believe in complete transparency, which is why we encourage everyone to use this tool before choosing a supplier. Input your zip code to compare prices and plans in the area.

When searching for the top electricity rates, it's important to know Duquesne Light's price to compare (PTC), which is the price they charge for electricity. Then compare these prices to rates from suppliers such as Shipley Energy. If we have a lower rate, you can switch to us now to save more money on your electric bill.

Shipley Energy's Pricing Plans

Duquesne Light customers who choose Shipley Energy as their supplier will also benefit from various plans. With our fixed price plans, you can avoid market fluctuations and pay a fixed rate for your plan's duration, whether it's six, 12, or 24 months. Our variable price plans, on the other hand, are best suited to customers who like to keep up with the market and prefer to take a chance on pricing.

Shipley Energy is also proud to offer renewable energy solutions to some Pennsylvania locations.

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Benefits of Choosing Shipley Energy

As a local business with over 85 years of experience, Shipley Energy is committed to providing customers in parts of Pennsylvania and Maryland with the economical energy solutions they need. We believe in upfront pricing and easy-to-understand plans, so you will know exactly what you are getting when you choose us.

For more information about energy choice and how Shipley Energy can help, call us at 1-800-839-1849 or contact us online.