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Is your current boiler costing you too much money to operate and not heating all the rooms in your home adequately? Have you noticed the presence of a yellow flame (gas boiler) or black soot (oil boiler)? Does your boiler need repair service with increasing frequency? These are just a few of the many telltale signs that indicate the need for a boiler replacement.

Even if your boiler seems to be functioning properly, a unit that’s approaching 15 years in age may need to be replaced. Older, poorly installed boilers waste energy — and that means you’re probably paying too much to heat your home.

Shipley Energy: Your Headquarters for High-Efficiency Residential Boilers

New, high-efficiency models from Shipley Energy lower your energy consumption and provide you with more heat. We offer a complete line of high-efficiency, top-brand boilers to meet every residential need. Choose from oil, propane and natural gas models, each of which can dramatically improve your home’s comfort and lower your heating bills.

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We’ll Help You Choose the Right High-Efficiency Residential Boiler for Your Needs and Budget

When buying a new boiler, sizing is critical. Boiler capacity is measured in BTUs, which indicate the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperate of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. Several factors are used to determine the BTU requirements of a structure, such interior square footage, climate, the number of windows and exterior doors, and the existence and quality of insulation in walls and ceilings. 

It’s important to choose a high-efficiency boiler with the right size and capacity for your home to ensure proper heat distribution and to prevent the wasting of energy. We’ll work with you to help you select the perfect boiler for your home, based on your unique BTU requirements, most appropriate fuel source and, of course, your budget requirements.

We Provide Expert Boiler Installation Service

Upon selection of your residential boiler, we’ll perform an expert installation. Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians have extensive training and experience in high-efficiency oil, propane, and natural gas boiler installation for all the leading brands. Our team will execute a fast and efficient installation, while making every effort to keep all work areas neat and clean, and minimize any disruptions to your normal lifestyle.

Count on Us for Prompt, Reliable Residential Boiler Repair Service

In addition to selling and installing residential boilers, Shipley Energy offers prompt, reliable repair service. Our techs can handle any type of major or minor boiler repair task with ease. We’re even available on a 24/7 basis to handle those unexpected repair emergencies that often occur in the dead of winter.

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Whether you’re in need of a high-efficiency propane, oil, or gas boiler installation or timely boiler repairs, Shipley Energy is ready to help. Contact us for more information about our residential boiler products and services today.

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