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Shipley Energy proudly supports educational programs in the communities we serve.

Shipley's Energy 4 Education Program gives you the opportunity to support your local school district by simply using energy as you normally would.

How it Works

Once enrolled in the program we will donate $10 per product to your school's education program. Eligible products include: Electricity, Natural Gas, Heating Oil and Propane.

Additionally, for each month that you remain a customer following your enrollment, Shipley's Energy 4 Education Program will donate an additional $2 to your school's funds. By partnering with our local communities, we can help supplement our school systems education budget.

Request your school be added to the E4E program

Please note: at this time Shipley's Energy 4 Education program is only available to Upper Adams and West York Area School Districts - as well Susquehanna Waldorf SchoolSaint Theresa School, and Keystone Christian Academy. We also partner with The York Suburban Communities That Care Alliance. We plan to add additional schools to the program in the near future.

How to Enroll

Enrolling in the program is easy! Simply click on the Enroll Now button below, enter your zip code and the promo code that corresponds to the school district/school you'd like the donations to go to:

  • Upper Adams School District: enter promo code: UpperAdams
  • West York Area School District: enter promo code: WestYork
  • Susquehanna Waldorf School: enter promo code: Waldorf
  • St Theresa School: enter promo code: StTheresa
  • Keystone Christian Academy: enter promo code: Keystone
  • The York Suburban Communities That Care Alliance: enter promo code: YSCTC

You can also sign up for the program by calling 888-550-4462. Please mention the 'Energy for Education' program, and your school district's/school's promo code to the customer service representative.

Already a Shipley Energy customer?

Current customers can participate in the Energy 4 Education Program by calling customer service on 888-550-4462. Please mention the 'Energy for Education' program, and your school district's/school's promo code to the customer service representative.

Get with the program! Education matters.

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Please note: This program also includes Diesel Fuel. Please call for specific details.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I don't see my school district featured for this program, can I sign my school up for Energy 4 Education?
A. If your PTO or scholarship program committee is interested in this program and would like to learn more, please reach out to Pamela Kramer at 717.334.5830, or submit a request school form. If you are a parent looking for ways to support your school of choice, please tell your administration about this program.

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Can I sign up for the Energy 4 Education Program to earn donations for my school at any point in time?
A. Yes, you can sign up for this program at any point in time, if your school is enrolled in the Energy for Education program.

Can I change my school to receive donations?
A. Yes, if your new school of choice is a participant in the Energy 4 Education Program.

Can I split my donations between two schools?
A. No, unfortunately we are not able to split your donations between schools.

Are there any restrictions for the Energy 4 Education Program?
A. Some restrictions may apply. Please call Pamela Kramer at 717.334.5830 for further program details.

How does my school receive Energy 4 Education donations?
A. Each partnering school district will receive their donations quarterly via check.

Can parent-teacher groups receive the donations (instead of the school district directly)?
A. Yes! In fact, that is the best way to set your school up to receive donations. PTO’s, Scholarship funds, or any other non-profit portion of the school can be set up to receive donations as part of Energy for Education.

How do I cancel my participation with Energy 4 Education?
A. The funding will stop when you cancel your account with Shipley Energy.

Still Have Questions?

If you have questions or would like someone to contact you by phone or email regarding the Energy 4 Education Program, please use the form below:

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