Stay Comfortable and Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Shipley Energy is excited to offer carbon neutral heating oil and propane through our partnership with Harmony Fuels! Harmony Fuels uses local carbon offset projects matched with your fuel usage to make your heating oil or propane carbon neutral without you lifting a finger. Find out more and purchase carbon neutral products with Harmony Fuels.

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1. Choose Your Fuel Product

Start with your zip code and choose which carbon-neutral fuel you’d like delivered to your home – heating oil or propane.

2. Choose Your Offset

From reforestation to landfill gas capture, choose the carbon offset project you like, or we’ll match you with the closest project to you!

3. Stay Comfy & Do Good

With Harmony Fuels offsetting your carbon footprint is easy, so you can be comfortable year-round while doing something great for the environment!

Offset Your Carbon Footprint with Harmony Fuels

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Cheryll D.

“This is something that I can do now that is helping offset our carbon footprint to heat our home.”

Cheryll D.

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