Physically Switch to Natural Gas for Home Energy

Homeowners in parts of Pennsylvania and Maryland are always looking for the latest methods for staying warm in the middle of winter. After coming home from work or school, your family needs a comfortable environment safe from snow and winds. Shipley Energy can provide the solution you're looking for with natural gas. Switching your HVAC system to support natural gas might be the change you have been waiting for regarding savings and environmental conservation.

Converting your home to a natural gas heating system is a quick process, and our experts are glad to walk you through each step. Are you currently on the fence about switching to natural gas? We put together this guide to help you fully understand the benefits of this home energy method.

How to Switch to Natural Gas

Hooking up a stable gas supply starts with checking for availability in your residential area. Gas mains run underground along your street, so a technician will visit your home, check to see if they can convert your current system, and note the need for new equipment, such as a furnace. Professionals will work with you to file for a gas service line, acquire permits, and outline connections outside your home for appliances.

Once approved, providers install equipment, perform inspections, and set your home up to a main gas meter. Your residence will require an initial pressure test to ensure safe delivery of natural gas to your heating system.

Benefits of Natural Gas for Home Energy

Natural gas heating setups improve the resale value of your home as installations are cost-friendly. Homeowners never have to worry about running low on heating fuels with a consistent feed from main connections underground. Natural gas prices remain low year-round because you can use less fuel to regulate temperatures with no need to prepay for your supply.

The convenience of natural gas heating speaks for itself with versatility and fewer emissions. This heat source also becomes useful during winter for appliances, including fireplaces, water heaters, stoves, and beyond. Homeowners feel great knowing that natural gas burns cleaner than other fossil fuels for a reduced environmental footprint.

Natural gas for home energy is ideal for families trying to monitor their budget. Updated furnaces run efficiently and give you complete control over how much heat gets delivered room to room with precise on and off functions. Little maintenance is required between inspections, and you can run systems on an "as needed" basis without the commitment of additional fees.

Convert to Natural Gas With Shipley Energy

Shipley Energy technicians specialize in heating and cooling systems. We are committed to bringing customers affordable home energy solutions with flexible pricing plans, so give us a call at 855-854-1478 to see how a natural gas setup can save you time, money, and effort this winter. Channeling our experience with over 85 years in business, we want to introduce you to our home energy services, so fill out a contact form to get started today!