The Benefits of Wholesale Bulk Fuel Delivery

The Benefits of Wholesale Bulk Fuel Delivery

The Benefits of Wholesale Bulk Fuel Delivery

Why should I order bulk fuel? That is a common question throughout the industrial sector. The biggest reasons are the savings involved and the efficiency that you can gain by using bulk fuel. This bulk fuel delivery guide describes the benefits and industries served.

What is Bulk Fuel Delivery?

Bulk fuel is gas or diesel fuel delivered in a trailer truck. Companies that offer bulk fuel delivery tend to cover regional areas and service customers in urban and rural settings, mostly within the trucking and industrial sectors. With bulk fuel delivery, pressing plants and truck fleets can call for on-site fuel delivery whenever local supplies become scarce. Shipley Energy is a leading wholesaler of bulk fuel along the middle and north Atlantic coast.

How Does Bulk Fuel Delivery Work?

When you need bulk fuel, you can have it delivered to your factory, service station or fleet lot. Depending on your preference and the supplier you select, you can have the fuel supplier monitor your use of fuel and automatically refill your tanks, or you can call them when you need them refilled.

1. You Contact the Bulk Fuel Supplier

If you elect to monitor your own usage, as soon as you realize your fuel supply is running low, you simply call up the fuel supplier and tell them you need new fuel. Specify the type of fuel in question, and a trailer truck will come to your location.

2. Supplier Transfers Fuel Into Your On-Site Storage Tank

The fuel truck will arrive at your site to refill your tank. The fuel is contained in a long trailer tank and transferred through hoses into your storage tank.

The Benefits of Wholesale Bulk Fuel Delivery

With bulk fuel, you can lower your overhead, boost productivity, and better manage your company spending.

1. Save Money

One of the greatest benefits of bulk fuel delivery is that it allows you to save money on fuel. Over the course of monthly, quarterly, and annual business operations, this allows your company to trim overhead by substantial margins.

Save Money on Bulk Fuel

2. Increase Efficiency

Bulk fuel delivery companies help businesses become more efficient. With a fuel delivery service, your company never has to go a day or even an hour without fuel. Instead of having fleet trucks refuel from a variety of different stops, you can instead have them fuel up from the same source.

3. Reliability

When you enlist the services of a wholesale fuel delivery company, your fueling process becomes more reliable. Instead of leaving your fueling needs to chance and refueling from the nearest available source whenever necessary, a fuel delivery company helps you create a standardized, reliable method for refueling machines and vehicles.

4. Convenience

If you are wondering why you should order bulk fuel, the answer can be summarized in a single word — convenience. With bulk fuel delivery, you can order fuel in bulk to meet forecasted needs determined by usage and seasonal trends. Best of all, the fuel comes to you at the wholesale price, which allows you to save money that would otherwise be spent on retail-priced service pump fuel.

5. Consistent Fuel Quality

Fuel delivery companies use fuels of only the highest grade and quality. By contrast, the fuel that you can get from random sources can be inconsistent in quality. For the health of your machines and vehicles, it is crucial to use fuel of high quality, otherwise, you could face costly and premature issues with your vehicles.

6. Ease of Fuel Delivery

When you choose a bulk supplier, it is crucial to have the steps involved with fuel delivery made as easy as possible so that you can focus on business operations. The best suppliers do their part to ensure that the process of fuel delivery makes business operations easier. Whether you need gas, diesel or heating oil, Shipley Energy delivers bulk fuel free of hassle.

7. Advanced Tracking

To ensure maximum fuel efficiency, you must stay on top of fuel consumption patterns within your fleet. If consumption rises, you need to know by whom and for what. Is the increased use due to one or more drivers or have seasonal trends prompted the upsurge? Shipley Energy offers high-tech reporting tools that make it possible to accurately track your fuel consumption and the associated costs.

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Entities and Industries That Use Bulk Fuel Delivery

A lot of industries and other entities have a fundamental reliance on fuel supplies, for which wholesale fuel is the most practical option. The entities and industries that are best served with wholesale fuel include:

1. Municipalities

Local communities need fuel to power their service vehicles. If you manage a municipal fleet, wholesale fuel delivery can save your community money that could otherwise be misspent on sub-par commercial fuel from random sources. High quality wholesale fuel will help your vehicles stay equipped to serve the community.

Municipal Fleet Fuel

2. Power Plants

At power plants, access to fuel is vital. With operations that run 24/7, 365 days each year, you simply cannot have interruptions in fuel supply. With a wholesale fuel delivery company at your service, you never have to face a moment where fuel runs down to a dangerously low level.

3. Manufacturing Companies

For manufacturers, fuel is the driving force of day-to-day operations. If fuel runs low, operations have to be shut off for minutes and sometimes for the length of a shift. With so many dollars and productivity figures at stake, downtime can devastate your bottom line. Wholesale fuel delivery companies ensure that manufacturers never face downtime due to exhausted fuel supplies.

4. School Districts

Throughout the United States, school districts need and deserve consistent, automated fuel supplies to ensure the smooth, uninterrupted flow of buses to and from each school location. Wholesale fuel helps districts ensure constant, affordable, high-quality supplies of fuel for buses are available throughout your school district.

5. Truck Stops

Fueling stations at truck stops need to have an adequate fuel supply, 24/7. With so many trucks making stops for fuel on intrastate, interstate, regional and cross-country delivery routes, it is vital to have a fuel supply that can fill each truck without fail. With a wholesale fuel company to service your needs, you never have to resort to backup sources of questionable quality.

6. Service Stations

Vehicles check into service stations with a variety of maintenance needs. To service these vehicles, the maintenance machinery must be fueled for immediate use during all hours of operation. If you rely on retail fuel, the high price and inconsistent fuel quality could compromise your machines and force you to raise service prices. These problems can all be solved with a wholesale fuel delivery company.

How to Choose a Bulk Fuel Supplier

Before you choose one company over another for bulk fueling, make sure the supplier is available at all times with the best services and rates. Here are some other factors you should consider:

1. Well-Trained, Responsible Fleet

Bulk fuel should always be delivered by fleets that are highly trained and periodically re-trained to meet the highest safety standards. The Shipley Energy wholesale delivery fleet is trained to handle bulk orders of all sizes with speed and safety.

Professional Fuel Delivery

2. 24/7/365 Reliability

One of the essential features of any wholesale fuel delivery company is round-the-clock service, every day of the week, including holidays. If a prospective fuel wholesaler does not promise 24/7/365 service, look elsewhere. The purpose behind having a delivery service is to have access to fuel at all times, regardless of the day or hour.

3. Automatic Refilling

A quality bulk fuel delivery supplier should offer automatic refilling with no questions asked. Whether you need to fuel factory machinery, fleet vehicles, buses or rolling stock, it is vital to have your machines and vehicles fueled during all hours of operation. The best bulk wholesale fuel providers offer automatic refills, 24/7.

4. Ease of Management

One of the main reasons to use a bulk fuel delivery supplier is to help make fuel management easier. Fuel is the lifeblood of motorized equipment, yet there are so many other areas of business that need your attention. When you have a wholesale bulk supplier to tend to your fueling needs, you can focus on other areas of your daily operations.

5. Safe Delivery

The delivery of fuel should be a safe and clean operation, regardless of where the machines or vehicles are located. Fuel, after all, can be flammable and dangerous if poorly handled. With wholesale bulk fuel suppliers, you are ensured a safe delivery because the fuel is transported by trained professionals with the highest safety standards.

6. Variety of Fuel Types

Different operations call for different fuel types. Depending on the scope of your industry, you may need fuel of a particular grade. If so, relying on fuels of a different grade could jeopardize the machines or vehicles in your arsenal or fleet. Choose a bulk fuel wholesaler that supplies the kind of fuel best suited for your equipment.

7. Fair Pricing

As with any service, the pricing on wholesale bulk fuel should be set at honest levels relative to the current fuel market. The right supplier will examine market trends and offer a pricing and payment plan that will work best for your budget. Shop around to see which supplier offers the fairest prices on high-quality fuel.

8. Fast Delivery on Call

With one call to Shipley Energy, you can have bulk fuel delivered to virtually any location throughout the areas we serve. Our transport trucks are equipped with onboard computers, automated logs, and global positioning systems for automated dispatch. We monitor each delivery to ensure utmost safety in the dispatch and transfer of fuel.

9. Optimal Range of Service Area

The best bulk fuel delivery services cover large areas. With Shipley Energy, you can summon fuel deliveries to numerous spots in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. We offer fuel delivery to cities, suburbs, and remote rural areas throughout the region.

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Wholesale Bulk Fuel Delivery From Shipley Energy

Shipley Energy offers exceptional service and flexible pricing on bulk fuel to companies along the mid-to-upper East Coast, having done so since the late 1920s.

1. Prompt Delivery

When your vehicles or machines run low on fuel, you should never have to wait or be placed on hold for delivery service. The Shipley Energy fleet immediately responds to all customer calls with vehicles dispatched to counties throughout the areas we serve. Whether it's day or night, you can have a fuel transport truck sent to your location for bulk fuel refills.

2. Responsible Culture

You should never trust a fuel delivery company that doesn't stress its screening of drivers and make a firm declaration of safe practices. At Shipley Energy, each driver in our fleet is alcohol-screened and drug-tested to ensure that each dispatched vehicle is operated by a clear-headed, responsible, and fully capable driver.

3. Safe Practice

Among the Shipley Energy fleet, we employ safety measures across all levels of operations. Every vehicle is tracked throughout the cycle of each delivery. This way, we ensure that each trailer is in good condition and that drivers are alert and traveling the safest, most efficient routes.

4. Periodic Retraining

As vehicles, routes and technologies evolve, so too do the skills required to operate bulk fuel trucks. For this reason, Shipley Energy fleet drivers periodically undergo new training and retraining in several vital areas. Retraining helps drivers become even better experts in the methods that they already know.

5. Flexible Pricing

At Shipley Energy, we can help you boost your bottom line by offering flexible pricing options. We'll design a payment plan best suited for your needs.

Flexible Fuel Pricing

6. Constant Innovation

Over the past nine decades, Shipley Energy has been at the forefront of wholesale fuel services. Established in 1929, our fleets have evolved with the times to embrace each step forward in transportation technology. By staying ahead of the game, we continually find ways to provide the most efficient services to our customers.

7. Xtreme Diesel

Shipley Energy offers only the highest quality of fuel in each of the categories we cover, including diesel. As a Certified Power Service Xtreme Diesel Distributor, we assure our diesel customers that our fuel options are pure and powerful. The fuel that we offer can keep your fleet trucks running smoothly throughout the year.

8. Customized Purchase Plans

Across the industries we serve, each business has its own budget and timetable, yet fuel is a requirement for key operations. To ensure that everyone has access to the fuel they need, we help customers determine the best supply options and purchase plans. At Shipley Energy, we can customize a plan that will work within your budget, optimize your fuel supply, and monitor your service tanks.

9. Optimal Savings

Bulk fuel delivery prices needn't fluctuate from day-to-day based on shaky economic factors or instability in the oil market. At Shipley Energy, we offer a fixed-forward option, where the price that you pay for fuel is locked in for the duration of your contract, regardless of whether fuel costs soar in the outside world. We also offer maximum-price models with upfront premiums. Meanwhile, our experts constantly monitor index pricing and rack/fixed prices to ensure that you get the best rates currently available.

Get Your Bulk Fuel From Shipley Energy

If you're interested in bulk fuel delivery for your operation, consider the benefits of partnering with Shipley Energy. Contact us today to learn more about all our wholesale and bulk fuel delivery services.

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