Find the Best Rates at PA Power Switch

Find the Best Rates at PA Power Switch

With the launch of the PA Power Switch website, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has given homeowners a convenient way to understand the state’s deregulated energy market. If you’ve been considering switching energy providers, or are simply curious about whether or not a fixed pricing plan can save you money, a quick visit to the website is the best place to start.

What Is PA Power Switch?

PA Power Switch is an online tool for Pennsylvania residents to search and compare electric suppliers in their area. In Pennsylvania, most homeowners and businesses can choose their electric supplier.

This gives Pennsylvania residents more freedom and control over their energy costs. PA Power Switch is an important tool that helps residents easily find options for electricity suppliers in the state and compare different rates and other information about different suppliers.

The Electricity Generation Choice and Competitive Act was created in 1997. This law put a cap on energy rates to create better regulation and prepare the state for deregulation. With time, the law has shown to protect residents and improve their energy consumption.

PA Power Switch makes it simple to shop around for electricity suppliers. As a PA homeowner or business, you can find better rates on your electric bill and use the competitive advantage in your favor.

How Switching Electricity Suppliers Can Lower Costs

When you have more options, you can shop around to find the best deal for you. Giving homeowners and businesses the freedom to choose their own supplier creates competition. Like any industry, this competition frequently lowers prices all around. If just one supplier lowers prices to gain more customers, that forces other suppliers to lower prices, too.

This competition also makes it easier to find other benefits and perks in an electric supplier. Some homeowners and businesses may be looking for suppliers that offer clean energy. This type of supplier may have higher prices, but thanks to PA Power Switch and the state laws, you may find this type of supplier at a lower price.

How to Choose a New Electric Supplier

Consider exactly why you're looking for a new supplier. Do you have a problem with the price? Is customer service subpar? These questions will help guide your search and research about different plans and suppliers in your area.

When you contact a supplier, you will receive a contract summary. Along with the regulations and PA Power Switch, state laws created more education opportunities with these contracts. Suppliers are required to be transparent in the outline of the contract, put it in words that anyone can understand and limit it to one page.

This contract will give you a clearer idea of the exact details of the deal. Reading through the contract summary, you don't have to worry about trudging through pages and pages of technical jargon or that they're trying to hide important details.

During this stage, you should also take advantage of the resources available to you. You can find reviews of different suppliers from real customers to learn more about others' experiences with different suppliers in your area.

A Brief Guide to Energy Deregulation

Residential energy deregulation took effect in Pennsylvania on January 1, 2011. With that, it has now become possible for consumers to specify who their utility provider buys energy from. What most people don’t understand is that while they may receive a bill from one company, there are actually several factors determining the price they pay for electricity:

  • Utility companies —Utility companies such as Met-Ed and PPL are responsible for the delivery of power to your home. They also maintain the grid and handle billing and other administrative work. What they don’t do is produce energy on their own.
  • Power suppliers —Power suppliers buy electricity in bulk and sell it to utility companies. Unless you specify a supplier, your utility company will continue to pay the market rate and charge it to you at a cost, as it did prior to deregulation. Choosing a supplier means you’re no longer bound to the market rate, and you can choose a pricing plan that gives you more control over costs.

With a power supplier, you’ll continue to receive the same bill and the same service from your regular utility company. They will also continue to set the administrative and delivery fees you pay each month. What will be different is the rate you’re charged for the energy you use. By shopping around and looking for deals, you may be able to pay less than the market price over the course of the year.

Is Fixed Rate Electricity Pricing Worth It?

Electricity prices fluctuate on a daily basis and are also subject to regular spikes during periods of heavy demand. One of the benefits of choosing a fixed rate pricing plan from an authorized PA Power Switch supplier is the additional measure of control and certainty you gain over your monthly bill. At certain times of the year, fixed rate pricing may be higher than the market rate. However, this difference can be made up in the winter when prices rise.

Ultimately, the benefits of fixed rate pricing will depend on multiple factors, including the size of your home and your family’s heating habits. By doing your research and reading any contract thoroughly, it’s possible to save with fixed pricing.

Shipley Energy: A Trusted Choice in Central PA

If you’re a Met-Ed, PPL, UGI or PECO customer, you have the option of choosing Shipley Energy as your PA Power Switch supplier. We offer both fixed and variable rate plans, and have been serving homes and businesses in the central PA area for 90 years. See how our plans compare with the competition at the PA Power Switch website, or contact us today to discuss your options with an energy adviser.