A Large Food Wholesaler Saves Time & Controls Costs

The Challenge

This company is one of the largest food wholesalers in the United States. At one of their major distribution centers in Central Pennsylvania, they needed a better way to manage fuel inventory, schedule deliveries and control costs with a more efficient delivery system and smart market management.

They also needed to cut down on the time drivers spent fueling trucks and refrigerator units and to increase safety in a congested terminal. A key player within this wholesale grocer organization remembers having big problems jockeying trucks around the yard in order to keep refrigerator units fueled and ready to roll.

Before Shipley Energy, this company was supplied by a major oil company that did not provide a high level of service—not only for on-site fleet fueling, but also for cost savings through market management.

The Solution

Two Commercial Team Members at Shipley Energy worked closely with this customer to develop a comprehensive plan unique to their business. They began by matching historical data from the customer’s pricing strategy against what Shipley believed would be a better opportunity. They then calculated the savings of having Shipley personnel “wet hose” their trucks in place, compared to the time and labor of having personnel move trucks around the yard and to and from the fueling station. That analysis, along with references from other satisfied Shipley Energy customers, sealed the deal!

The Result

We ensure that our customers benefit from reliable, cost-saving pricing strategies. Shipley Transport Trucking means on-time and worry-free fuel deliveries to the customer’s own fueling station. Shipley On-Site Fleet Fueling has drastically reduced the number of trucks that need to move around the terminal, allowing this customer to focus on their core business and reclaim unproductive time.

Shipley Energy rolled out additional new programs without a hitch or any missed deliveries. Most importantly, the customer had zero downtime during implementation. With solutions from Shipley Energy, the customer benefits from lower prices, improved safety in their terminals, substantial time savings and peace of mind.

According to this customer, “Working with Shipley has been a terrific experience. They are very knowledgeable and deliveries are on-time and trouble free. It’s one less thing I have to worry about every day.”

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