According to recent statistics from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star® program, the average U.S. retail store is approximately 14,000 square feet in size and is typically in operation for 90 hours each week. When you stop to consider the energy needs of major retailers — including running their stores, warehouses, delivery vehicles and other related operations, you begin to see that retail energy providers are a critical link in allowing retailers to operate and thrive.

At Shipley Energy, we’ve been in the retail fuel supply and retail fuel delivery business for over eight decades. In that time, we’ve seen how putting our customers’ needs first has won us our reputation as a leading retail energy supplier. What’s more, we appreciate that how you choose to heat, cool, light, and keep your store up and running says a great deal about your business. In an age of social media linked to brand awareness, being energy-efficient — or even going green — can actually win you more business, while doing the opposite can clearly cost you more than high energy bills.

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Retail Fuel Supply With a Difference

We’ve been in the retail fuel supply business long enough to know that when we offer energy efficiency tips for retailers, we help them not only save on their energy bills but also build stronger relationships with their environmentally friendly customers. For some energy suppliers, our approach might seem counterproductive, but we know that by offering retailers more value, a wider selection, and more ways to reduce energy waste, their businesses ultimately achieve the efficiency they need to remain competitive.

That’s also why we build long-term relationships with so many of the retailers we serve. We regularly offer the following energy sources to retailers:

  • Electricity: In addition to offering electricity at competitive rates, our energy experts evaluate retailers’ power needs to create a pricing structure that matches the needs of their specific businesses.
  • Propane: We offer paperless electronic transactions and e-billing all with the objective increasing efficiency and saving you money. Our propane delivery service is an excellent example of our commitment to supplying fuel to retailers at affordable prices.
  • Natural gas: Shipley Energy offers competitive prices and choice. We have a payment structure to fit the needs of just about every type of business — from fixed rates to current market rates. And for retailers transitioning to gas from another fuel source, we can help there too.
  • Heating oil/bioheat: From traditional heating oil to new bioheat — made from mixing fossil fuel with biodiesel derived from recycled restaurant oils — we stock the oil types you need.
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Shipley Energy Raises Retailers’ Energy Awareness

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