What do retail outlets, restaurants, apartment complexes and other commercial buildings have in common? They’re all major energy users.

If you’re building or redesigning a commercial structure, it makes sense to consider these significant energy needs as one of the essential factors in your planning. That’s why Shipley Energy offers innovative, cost-effective real estate energy procurement solutions for developers across parts of MD, OH, and PA. Let us help you plan, install and maintain energy solutions to meet your customers’ precise needs.

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Types of Real Estate Energy Services

Each company you work with has unique energy needs. That’s why Shipley Energy specializes in a full array of real estate energy procurement services. We’ve partnered with commercial real estate developers for more than 90 years to implement the perfect energy solutions for a variety of business demands.

We help your customers keep their energy costs low with a wide array of commercial services, including:

  • Electricity: Businesses can pick from many energy suppliers, which creates competition among suppliers and results in lower monthly rates. Along with these competitive prices, customers who choose Shipley Energy enjoy access to experts who can evaluate power needs and provide the best pricing strategy for their business.
  • Heating oil/Bioheat: Heating oil has served the energy needs of commercial structures for generations. If your customers want to heat their newly built or renovated businesses with heating oil, we have you covered. We offer both traditional heating fuel and Bioheat — an innovative blend of regular heating oil and biodiesel made of organic materials.
  • Propane: Propane is one of the most economical and environmentally friendly energy choices your customers can make. We can work with you to install propane tanks at your job sites and provide reliable automatic delivery services so that businesses never have to worry about an empty tank.
  • Natural gas: Natural gas is another fantastic heating option because of its cost-effectiveness. We can help you transition a renovated commercial building to natural gas from another heat source or work with you to install it during a building’s construction.

Why Choose Shipley Energy as Your Commercial Real Estate Energy Supplier?

When you partner with Shipley Energy for your commercial real estate energy procurement, you get more than leading energy solutions. You also receive the care and support that only a company with more than eight decades of experience could provide. We offer numerous benefits for our commercial customers, including:

  • Service when you need it: Whenever you call, we’ll be there. We provide fuel delivery and emergency services around the clock, seven days a week. We can schedule deliveries around your construction times while you’re in the building or reconstruction process, as well as during regular downtime when the facility is up and running.
  • Flexible payment options: We understand that each company’s energy needs are unique, which is why we’ll work with your customers to find the best payment plan. They can choose from variable rates or fixed-rate options that protect them from seasonal pricing fluctuations.
  • Automatic refill services: We’re here to meet the needs of the businesses you work with, 24 hours a day. With computerized automatic delivery systems, we can estimate when they’ll need their next fill-up and proactively deliver to make sure their tanks never run out.
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