Municipal Energy Aggregation

Communities are always looking for the best ways to meet their residents’ needs. One of the latest ways many municipalities are working towards improving citizens’ lives and putting more money back in their wallets is through Municipal energy aggregation.

If you’re searching for the best partner for your municipality’s needs, look no further than Shipley Energy. Our aggregation services allow you to provide your residents with more economical electric costs and a more predictable monthly bill.

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What Is Municipal Aggregation?

Municipal energy aggregation is the process of getting lower electric rates for the members of your community. It occurs when a city or town buys electricity from a participating supplier, in bulk, for its residents. By joining a group of people together as one large customer, citizens and businesses of the community can get better prices on their electricity than if they were to buy it individually. The larger the group, the more buying power you have. A large community can secure the lowest possible rates for your electric services.

Overall, customers who switch to an aggregated program should see a noticeable difference in their monthly energy bill. If you’re looking to help your citizens save money and enjoy the benefits of energy deregulation, Shipley Energy can help. We offer municipal electricity aggregation for communities throughout MD, PA, and OH. As one of the most innovative energy suppliers in the Mid-Atlantic, we’re uniquely positioned to provide you with competitive services for your small town or large municipality.

How We Can Provide Electricity Aggregation

Shipley Energy works with community leaders to provide competitive, reliable energy services for residents throughout our MD, PA, and OH service areas. The process for aggregating your municipality’s electricity is as follows:

1. Procurement

First, your community must form a municipal energy aggregation program for your residents. The process for creating this aggregation will likely include the following steps:

  • Vote to launch the program: If the aggregation program receives a majority vote during an election, you can continue plans to procure your service.
  • Make a plan: Government leaders must formulate an operation and management plan of the proposed aggregation for residents to review at public hearings. It must then be evaluated and approved.
  • Obtain competitive rates: With the help of energy consultants, your community can seek bids on competitive energy rates.

Contact an energy consultant to determine the exact required procurement process for your community.

2. Participation

After choosing Shipley Energy as your aggregated energy supplier, you must inform eligible home and business owners in your community about the change. Two types of community involvement are available — opt-in or opt-out provisions:

  • Opt-in: Each resident has a choice of whether to participate in the aggregation. If they want to receive the benefits, they must individually sign up with their municipality.
  • Opt-out: All residents and businesses are automatically signed up for the aggregate service. If citizens want to keep their current electric supplier, they’ll have to tell the municipality that they wish to exclude themselves from the aggregation.

Customers already locked into individual contracts with other electric suppliers are not eligible to participate in the program. These residents won’t appear on the list of eligible participants and will be opted out of the program automatically.

3. Provision

After eligible customers have chosen to opt in or out of the program, we’ll provide electric services to all participants for the entire specified length of the contract.

If you’re a county manager, city manager, consultant or local government representative, we’re ready to work with you. Contact us to get started on your municipality’s electric aggregation program.

Why Choose Shipley Energy for Your Electricity Aggregation?

For more than 90 years, Shipley Energy has provided municipalities across the Mid-Atlantic with reliable, round-the-clock service for their facilities and residents. By working with us for your municipal energy aggregation, you’ll receive more than electric services — you’ll find a partner dedicated to meeting your specific municipality’s needs.

You and your citizens will enjoy many benefits by choosing us for your aggregated energy services, including:

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Shipley Energy
Shipley Energy

Flexible Pricing Options to Fit Your Needs and Growing Community

Energy services are not one-size-fits-all. Our flexible pricing plans ensure you receive the best match for your community. Before settling on a contract, we can work with your community leaders to analyze your citizens’ energy needs and find the right pricing structure for your aggregation.

Our custom fixed-rate plans take into account the number of participating residents and their average energy use to create the most cost-effective option. These prices help you and your residents budget your energy better from month to month and protect against seasonal fluctuations.

Contact Shipley Energy for Your Community Energy Aggregation

Contact Shipley Energy for Your Community Energy Aggregation

Shipley Energy is your premier source for municipal energy aggregation services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Contact us online to secure your community's competitive electricity prices and help your residents enjoy predictable, reduced rates on their energy bills.

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