We've helped many companies boost their bottom line, increase the productivity of their workers and equipment, and create other efficiencies such as simplified reporting and providing a single fueling source.

A Large Distributor Benefits from FUELChex from Shipley 


This company is one of the world's largest distributors of printing papers and graphic supplies and equipment. It is also a fast-growing provider of packaging and janitorial-sanitary supplies.

They needed a fleet fueling company that could provide daily fueling reports for their large fleet. Their previous company wasn't able to provide them with this indispensable information. 

Because a division of this company was already using Shipley services, the relationship was strong. When Shipley demonstrated the value of FUELChex fuel management reports, the company immediately saw the value. 


While the new system was being implemented, there was absolutely no downtime. Shipley barcoded on a weekend when the trucks weren't being used and began deliveries that Monday.

FUELChex, exclusively from Shipley Fleet Fueling, now provides this customer with the information needed about daily fueling, and also offers a complete history of fueling for the fleet. FUELChex fuel management reports are always available on the web, and track gallons, costs and taxes for the whole fleet and even for each individual truck.


With FUELChex, this distributor now receives complete details on every vehicle we fuel and allows them to track how fuel efficiency. It also verifies that no fuel is ever lost. Shipley gives this customer great service, dependable fleet fueling and the FUELChex reports needed to keep track of fueling on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.