Pay Less at the Pump With Greater Security and Control

Fleet One Cards let you refuel your fleet of cars while taking advantage of great benefits and discounts.

A Shipley Energy Fleet One card is a convenient way to get the fuel you need for less. As a Shipley Energy customer, a card gives you access to exclusive volume discounts as well as a range of other perks. All you have to do is fill up at any Tom’s convenience store or other select Pennsylvania retailers. It’s fast, easy and safe. Keep reading for details.

Volume Rebates

Monthly volume rebates are one of the best parts of a Fleet One fuel card. Our way of thanking you for being a loyal customer, our rebate program allows you to save up to 3% on your entire fleet’s monthly fuel purchases. Your savings are based on the total volume of fuel you purchase during the month.

Expense Control and Fraud Protection

A Fleet One card is more than just a loyalty program, however. It’s also a useful tool for managing risk and preventing fraud across your entire fleet. Drivers must enter a unique ID number and their odometer reading each time they use their card, protecting you from fraudulent purchases made with lost or stolen cards. You can set purchasing limits, ensuring that drivers buy only what you want them to buy.

Thorough Reporting

With the information encoded in the card's magnetic strip, you'll know who bought what, where, when, and for how much. Easy-to-read reports give you the tools you need to monitor all card activity, fleet fueling expenses and buying patterns. Over time, this information can be used to identify patterns and driver behaviors that cost you money.

Using Your Fleet One Card

Use the Fleet One card at Tom's convenience stores and many other retail stations. Our authorized partner, Tom’s, exclusively supplies Shipley Energy diesel and gas, so you know you’re getting quality fuel that’s suitable for use in your most important assets. With locations in York, Juniata, and Mifflin counties, it’s easy to use your Fleet One card throughout the Central PA region.

Sign Up and Start Saving Today

Your Fleet One card is just one of the ways Shipley Energy is rewarding its loyal customers. We also offer on-site fleet fueling, commercial HVAC installations and repairs, and a wide range of other products and services for business customers. Find out for yourself why, since our founding in 1929, we’ve remained the professional’s choice in fuel service.

A Fleet One fuel card is free for all Shipley Energy customers, and requires no purchases or long-term commitments. To request yours, or to learn more about any of our fuel service options, contact a Shipley Energy representative by phone or email, or by using our online form today.

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