Natural Gas Procurement

For companies that need to procure natural gas regularly to keep their operations moving, the right partner and buying strategy makes all the difference. Your organization is probably like most in that cutting costs and making accurate forecasts about your expenses is a real competitive advantage.

Shipley Energy can be that advantage — and we'll help make sure your natural gas is delivered according to your schedule and your budgetary and operational needs. We'll make the industry work harder for you and connect you with a natural gas supplier that truly earns your business.

Our natural gas customers enjoy the fact that natural gas withstands price fluctuations fairly well. Even so, the industry can change regularly and rapidly. Consider us your energy strategist and advocate. With industry-best price predictability, greater flexibility, and generally lower costs than elsewhere in the industry, we'll take care of the heavy lifting required to keep your commercial operations turning.

About Our Natural Gas Procurement Services

While natural gas typically has fewer available suppliers than electricity, proper differentiation is critical. Contract language and supplier reputation are extremely important because pass-through charges are all too common, and natural gas is more often an “apples versus oranges” game than electricity.

Shipley Energy's EnergyObjective is here to act as a guiding hand when it comes to your company’s natural gas procurement choices. We work with top-tier natural gas suppliers to provide supply pricing for our customers, and also to evaluate the offers for differences in volume, units, bandwidth, balancing, emergency procedures, and potential extra charges.

There’s often a good reason why one supplier is $2.00 per dekatherm lower than another, and we work hard to put everyone on an even playing field. After the sale, we provide bill auditing, utility assistance, market updates, and timely renewal pricing.

Getting started is easy. All we need is a recent bill copy and a current contract end date. From there, the professionals on our EnergyObjective team will do what they do best, which is to learn all about your company and come up with the commercial natural gas procurement and delivery plan that fits into your short- and long-term plans.

Few other energy or natural gas procurement companies offer the same blend of industrial-scale service with the attentiveness and approachability of a family-owned business. We take our position in the region and the industry seriously, whether we're connecting commercial customers in PA with natural gas or assisting homeowners in MD with heating oil delivery.

Our Natural Gas Service Territory

One of the most appealing things about choosing your own natural gas supplier is the chance to support environmentally-friendlier fuel sources. Not only that, but switching to natural gas or otherwise taking part in natural gas procurement is often a great way to keep money within the regional economy without depending on energy reserves brought in from afar.

Shipley Energy is pleased to offer natural gas procurement services designed to reduce your administrative burden and help lower your energy costs. Get in touch with our team today for commercial natural gas services if you're located in the following states:

  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania

Contact Shipley Energy 

Contact Shipley Energy today to get started if you're ready to find a natural gas supplier that can deliver the fuel you need plus savings on energy costs. We specialize in finding the most practical and cost-effective way to include natural gas in your energy portfolio and larger energy management strategy.

If your company or location depends on natural gas and you're located in the above territories, call on us today. We'll use our established presence in the industry to find a supplier that solves 100% of your needs, and we will draw up and implement a procurement strategy that ensures your ideal energy outcome.