From producing heat in office buildings to fueling boilers in manufacturing processes, commercial uses of fuels are wide-ranging and constantly expanding. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the combined energy needs of the chemical, refining, and mining industries accounted for 58 percent of the entire industrial sector’s energy consumption in 2017.

What’s also interesting is that the overwhelming majority of businesses consume more than one type of fuel across their entire operations. This often leaves commercial organizations having to work with separate energy providers for everything from electricity to heating oil. With different suppliers, companies are left to potentially pay higher prices and deal with extra paperwork — all while receiving varying levels of customer service.

Why Dual Energy Suppliers Make Sense

At Shipley Energy, we’ve been providing a wide assortment of fuels for commercial energy needs for over 90 years. That means that when it comes to dual fuel energy suppliers, we’ve been bundling our services to meet the unique energy needs of our customers for decades. Throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, our reputation for providing cost-effective, customized, energy strategies that span more than one energy source is well known.

In addition to delivering gasoline, diesel, and other vehicle fuels as part of our mobile fleet fueling service, we regularly provide businesses with more than one type of the following commercial energy sources:

  • Electricity: Since recent deregulation, businesses have more choice than ever when it comes to electricity providers. However, when choosing Shipley Energy as a dual fuel supplier, you also benefit from having an energy expert’s help in comprehensively evaluating your power needs to determine a pricing structure that fits your business objectives.
  • Propane: Paperless invoicing and online ordering are just two of the features that help make our propane delivery a superior example of the efficiency of our commercial services that are designed to include more than one fuel source.
  • Natural gas: We offer competitive rates and the choice of a pricing plan that makes sense for your business. Even if you’re transitioning to gas from another fuel source, we can help keep your operations fueled and running throughout the entire process.
  • Heating oil and bioheat: From traditional heating oil to bioheat, we have the right fuel oil for your needs.

Shipley Energy Is Your One-Stop Dual Fuel Supplier

To learn more about our variety of payment plans, electronic billing features and bundling of services, contact us today. One of our commercial energy advisors will be in touch to answer all of your questions.

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