Shipley Energy is proud to supply the fuel needs of many co-ops — or co-operatives — in the Mid-Atlantic region. Co-op bulk fuel is a beneficial, cost-effective solution for many types of local and regional autonomous businesses that are set up as cooperatives.

Because a cooperative is essentially a business where the consumers own the store they shop from and share equally in its net savings, it’s a wise choice to work with a supplier who can reliably deliver the high quality product at a fair and stable price. That's why when it comes to co-op gas, co-op propane, other fuels, and hardware like co-op fuel tanks, many co-operatives choose Shipley Energy.

Why Shipley Energy Is Your Top Co-op Choice

Shipley Energy has a long history of supplying the bulk fuel needs of many co-ops. We have played a large role in the success of Pennsylvania’s propane co-opsince it began eight decades ago. Some of its largest consumers are poultry farms that rely on large quantities of propane to maintain warm environments for their chicks and poults throughout their early development. Helping agricultural co-ops meet their fuel needs means never letting the supply chain down.

In addition, Shipley Energy believes strongly in the communities we serve and we are strong advocates of the co-op business model. That’s why, since 1929, we’ve put the customer at the center of everything we do.

Co-op Fuel Pricing Options

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that, every year, billions of gallons of gas, diesel, propane, and other petroleum products are consumed through farm and agricultural co-ops. In addition, in many communities, new cost-effective co-ops are thriving in their ability to bring propane and heating oil to their residential members.

Having the right co-op fuel supplier is more important than ever and we're always looking to serve our customers with outstanding service and flexible pricing. In an effort to always deliver value and reliability to our co-op clients, we offer the following pricing options:

  • Cap pricing: This option puts a cap on how much the co-op will pay for fuel, as a guard against sudden market surges in price.
  • Fixed pricing: This option, which is often for a period of one year, locks in a price that the co-op can then count on to remain stable.
  • Market pricing: This option allows co-ops to take advantage of any drops in market prices. With this option, prices are typically set on a daily basis.

Shipley Energy Benefits Co-ops

Our energy advisors are ready to help you find the right fit for your co-op's fuel needs. Contact us today.