Our flexible payment options offer real savings throughout the year

Price-per-gallon isn’t the best way to determine how much your energy really costs. We give you a monthly payment plan that’s easier to manage than any other energy company. We are passionate about saving you money over the long term. When you sign up for Shipley Commercial Energy services, you can choose any of the following convenient options.

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Budget Payment Program

Smooth out your energy costs with the Budget Payment Plan. We figure out how much energy you use in a typical year, then determine your approximate cost for your energy product over the course of the year. We then divide that amount into equal monthly payments. We regularly review your account to confirm that your Budget Payment Program is accurate and that there are no surprises. Natural Gas customers can buy natural gas from Shipley and still participate in your utility’s budget-payment plan.


Help us create a better environment by cutting down on the amount of paper and envelopes we use today. Future statements will come directly to your email account, right on time.

Go paperless and enjoy the convenience of making payments online. You’ll save money on stamps and checks, too. Plus, Shipley gives you the ability to view past and current bills online. Rethink your mailbox and go paperless today with Shipley Energy.

Smart Pay: Transferring Funds Has Never Been Easier

Say goodbye to the hassle of check-writing and mailing. Now you can be sure your record keeping is up to date by receiving a statement each month with the amount you owe and the date the transfer will occur. Transferring business funds have never been easier or more economical than with Shipley Energy’s Smart Pay.

Consider the advantages of Smart Pay:

  • It’s free. That’s right – no additional cost to your company.
  • It’s secure.
  • It saves you time!
  • Extended terms available.
  • Eliminate costs associated with paper check processing and late fees.
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