Shipley—A Long History of Dedicated Service

Shipley Energy, the York-based company, provides outstanding service to residential and commercial energy customers located in the Northeast region and beyond.

For more than nine decades, Shipley Energy has provided customers with the integrity and reliability of local service. The company is in its fourth generation of family ownership, providing caring relationships, outstanding customer service and community support.

In the 21st century, Shipley Energy is dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen by seeking to improve the environment through improvement of its customers' energy buying experience, promotion of energy conservation and better use of company resources.

"We are proud of our long and dedicated service to our customers and neighbors in central Pennsylvania and beyond," said William Shipley III, Chairman of Shipley Group. "Our past has been our prologue. Shipley stands ready to be an excellent corporation and community neighbor for many decades to come."

Shipley strives to give our customers the energy to help them save money, time and resources by offering competitive fuel prices, thorough customer service, alternative energy sources, and 24/7 heating, fueling, and consumer product availability”
- William Shipley III, Chairman

In the Beginning

Shipley traces its origin back to 1929 when Thomas Shipley founded the Roosevelt Garage and Supply Company on Roosevelt Street across the street from York Manufacturing as a convenient place for that company's employees to fill their gasoline tanks and service their automobiles.

Thomas Shipley passed away in January 1930. Samuel Hunt Shipley, his son, took charge of the company and led the firm for 45 years.

In 1939, Thomas Shipley, Inc. purchased York Oil Burner Company, a manufacturer of oil-fired residential and commercial oil heating equipment. And in 1943, Samuel Shipley changed the parent company's name to York-Shipley Inc. The restructured firm was no longer just a holding company, but instead manufactured, installed, fueled and serviced oil furnaces and boilers. The company also provided automotive fuel and supply services, and by 1948 was operating or supplying 30 Esso service stations within the York city limits.

A Period of Growth

In 1957, the company negotiated a merger with Humble-Mundis, Inc., resulting in the newly named Shipley-Humble Division of York Shipley. That transaction set the stage for dramatic growth in the 1960s.

The Shipley-Humble Division acquired seven other fuel oil companies in 1960 and doubled its home heating business, significantly increasing its commercial "heavy oil" business. In December 1968, Shipley-Humble was formed as a separate chartered Pennsylvania Corporation when York-Shipley was sold. William Shipley II became the first president of Shipley Humble and presided over another period of momentous growth. Samuel Shipley was named chairman of the board of the new firm and served until his death in 1975.

During the 1970s, Shipley-Humble's gasoline operations experienced a startling metamorphosis. During this time, the company pioneered self-serve gasoline stations in the area, building the first self-serve Exxon station in the state in 1972. And in 1976, it got into the grocery business with its Kwick-Stop units, forefathers to the Tom's Convenience Stores operated today by Shipley Stores Inc.

Changing for the Future

More acquisitions enabled Shipley-Humble to expand its market. Most significant was the 1982 purchase of Goodling Oil business assets, which led to a six-year period in which the company was known as Shipley-Humble-Goodling.

In May 1988, the company changed its name to Shipley Oil Company. William Shipley III, representing the fourth generation of family leadership, assumed the presidency in 1992.


Today's Shipley Energy

Under William Shipley III's vision, the company has taken aggressive strides toward becoming a total energy company, a much more competitive position given the rapidly changing energy environment, including:

  • In 1995, Shipley entered the natural gas market, serving industrial and commercial customers. Because of further industry deregulation, the company now serves residential customers, as well
  • A merger with Schuchart Oil and Propane expanded Shipley's service area into Adams County, providing the company with expertise in the sale and marketing of propane
  • Most recently, Shipley expanded north to Huntingdon, Clearfield and Centre Counties with the purchase of Shaner Energy Company, as well as adding services to the east in Lebanon County
  • On July 1st, 2016, Bill Shipley handed over the reins of his venerable namesake company after 24 years of leadership to Dave Gruno, a transition that has been planned out for nearly a decade.

Shipley Energy is the largest locally owned provider of home heating energy, including oil, natural gas, electricity and propane, in Central Pennsylvania. Shipley Energy also installs and services heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, through it's Home Services department.

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